Nestle’s Calypso Bar!

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Though I don’t remember the Nestle Calypso bar, I’ve had a 1960’s wrapper in my collection for a few years and it’s pretty neat.  Recently I acquired a previously-unknown 1970’s Calypso bar wrapper with a completely different design and thought it would be the perfect time to dedicate a post to the topic.

I’ve got a thing for any candy wrapper that includes a palm tree, and the 1960’s vintage Calypso features one as part of the graphic design of the logo.  It’s a pretty slick design and I have two variations of the 1960’s style Calypso wrapper.   Here they are (Dig that 10-cent coconut!):

Nestle's - Calypso - 10-cent candy bar wrapper - 1960's

Nestle’s – Calypso – 10-cent candy bar wrapper – 1960’s

I refer to these Calypso wrappers as 1960’s era, but it’s possible that this design lasted into the first few years of the 1970’s.  This next example differentiates itself primarily by the addition of the “2 Piece Bar” banner:

Nestle's - Calypso - 2 Piece Bar - 10-cent candy bar wrapper - 1960's

Nestle’s – Calypso – 2 Piece Bar – 10-cent candy bar wrapper – 1960’s

That 1960’s Calypso wrapper has a pretty great design and I’ve always been a fan.  But the 1970’s Calypso wrapper I just added to my collection might be even cooler than the 1960’s version.

You won’t find an image of this wrapper anywhere else online, so this is a exclusive:

Nestle's - Calypso - candy bar wrapper - early 1970's

Nestle’s – Calypso – candy bar wrapper – early 1970’s

Isn’t that a fun design?  I love it!  I didn’t even know there was a 1970’s Calypso before finding this wrapper – so it’s great to add it to my collection and fun to be able to share it here today.   I hope you dig it, too.

If anyone recalls enjoying a Nestle Calypso bar back in the day, leave a comment.  I’m curious as to what these were like.

And that’s everything for today’s post on Nestle’s Calypso.  See you next time!

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10 Responses to Nestle’s Calypso Bar!

  1. Dig Sandy says:

    Awesome find, Jason! Wish they’d bring it back…

  2. Sarah says:

    They also changed the composition of the bar between the 60s and 70s versions. The 60s wrapper says it is an “imitation butterscotch covered bar,” imitation apparently because there’s no actual butter in it, and chocolate is mentioned nowhere, versus the 70s bar, where it becomes the first ingredient.

  3. Carla Higginbotham says:

    Oh how I remember them! They were heavenly. I was born in ’61, so I would have had them in the mid to late 60’s and to “whenever” they disappeared. I totally remember being a child and thinking “I hope when I grow up, they still have Calypso Bars, M&M’s, and Miracle Whip”!!!!!!! I guess two out of three isn’t bad, but I will never forget this incredible candy bar! I’m sorry for everyone who didn’t get to have them! I’m glad I googled the candy (I was remembering it this evening, for some reason). This post on candy wrappers brought back some good memories!

  4. Jeff cunniffe says:

    This was a horrible candy. They were originally found in vending machines at schools and businesses. I am surprised they lasted as long as they did. They had a butterscotch like flavoring mixed with cocanut covered with chocolate.

  5. Linda Ewing says:

    These were wonderful. They didn’t last long but it was one of the few you could find that were butterscotch flavored. I don’t remember any chocolate in the original candy bar, maybe that added that in the later version. Chocolate doesn’t sound like it would have been good in this candy. The original was caramel, coconut covered with Butterscotch. Fabulous!!!

  6. Duane says:

    The early Calypso (sans chocolate) was/is my ATF candy bar! I would purchase them from the college dorm vending machine. Some of those old spring-loaded machines could be milked for several bars for the same dime…

    Yes, the wrappers were an art form. Ditto the ‘box art’ on 1950s-early 1960s model car kits.

    Thanks for the cool website and the memories of days-gone-by!

  7. Frank says:

    In 1969 my 5th grade class toured a Nestle’s plant in Burlington, WI. We got to taste a candy bar straight from the production line. The tour guide told us the new Calypso bar was intended to be sold in tropical countries where regular bars would melt. This also included outdoor vending machines in the summer sun. The butterscotch coating kept the candy solid. Although I liked the taste, I never saw them on store shelves in Wisconsin.

  8. Lisa says:

    I loved these bars. Had them in the mid 70’s. They were such a treat!

  9. Jeff says:

    Best candy bar ever, only place I ever saw them was in the vending machines at Killington Ski resort in the 70s. One trip one of my friends emptied the machine and then horded them lol.

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