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CollectingCandy.com’s mission is the celebration of candy packaging, candy marketing, candy history and the people behind it all, as well as the documentation and preservation of the history of those subjects.

Initially launched with the goal of presenting exclusive coverage composed of short daily blog entries in addition to more in-depth pieces, the site has evolved to more intermittent yet more in-depth, heavily-researched editorials.   The content and coverage of specific brands and categories found on CollectingCandy.com is unprecedented and represents a gathering together of years of foundational primary research on the genre.  In countless cases, the brands and items covered here were un-Google-able previous to being published on the CollectingCandy site.  Expect to see exclusive images of packaging and learn details of candy brands and history you won’t find anywhere else.

CollectingCandy.com also hopes to shine an entertaining and positive light on the unknown stories and colorful personalities behind some of candy’s well-known brands and forgotten favorites while also covering the more compelling contemporary releases.

 About the Author:

Jason Liebig – March 2023

Jason Liebig – Shooting for American Dynasties – Fox Business – Photo by Adam Giese

Jason Liebig – Shooting for American Dynasties – Fox Business – Photo by Adam Giese

More than a candy historian, Jason Liebig is America’s foremost expert on candy and snack brand history as well as a champion of the consideration of candy and snack brands as nostalgia and pop cultural touchstones.

A primary researcher in the field, Jason has been described as “the Indiana Jones of snacks.”  Following his passions and pursuits have led to his amassing and curating a singular archive of tens of thousands of pieces of vintage candy and snack food packaging – his favored roadmap and lens to brand history, resulting in the largest archive of such material published online.

The stories and people behind the brands are also a constant source of interest as their tales provide unmatched insight. And though these people and their stories can present huge challenges to track down, Jason has uncovered many that were once thought lost forever, allowing him to preserve and share their lives.

In 2017 Jason served as Producer and Host of his own television special on Cooking Channel called Food Flashback, and has been a frequent television guest when the subject of pop cultural nostalgia and the history of brands is concerned, most recently in 2020-2024 seen featured across History Channel’s Food That Built America seasons 2-5.

His expertise and unique knowledge has given him the opportunity to consult for institutions like The Smithsonian, The Baseball Hall of Fame and New York’s Museum of Food & Drink, to name a few.

Jason has also served as a Creative Consultant for brands like Bubblicious and Big League Chew, where he creatively directed the effort to create the first “girl pouch” of Big League Chew bubblegum.  He has also been called upon by brand owners to provide insight into the facets of their own histories that have been lost over time as he has historical brand insight and materials that they do not.

CC_March 2016 profile pic

Because of his unique position in these categories, Jason is the go-to consultant and expert source for period television shows and films that strive to make their brand representations as period-authentic as possible.  Working on AMC’s Mad Men, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Queens Gambit, CBS’s Young Sheldon and ABC’s The Goldbergs among others have earned him a reputation as the person who can source what no one else can, answer the questions no one else could, while having a load of fun doing it.  As Ellen Fruend of the Mad Men Art Department once said, “… all roads lead to Jason…”

As a collector, Jason has earned the respect and camaraderie of the hobby community, willing to share information and advice, while working to expand the understanding and appreciation of the vintage brand packaging category as a whole.

In short, Jason Liebig is the authentic and established arbiter of the categories of candy and snacks as nostalgia and pop culture.

History Channel – The Food That Built America Season 4 Ep 10 – Peanut Butter Battles – lead expert Jason Liebig, (c) 2023


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  1. Thomas Webb says:

    I’m so excited about this site! Congrats Jason and thanks for being you!

  2. Tony Wolf says:

    Go Jason! This is terrific. Well done and clearly a labor of love.

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  4. Nikki says:

    Love your site! Amazing idea. Will be following 🙂

  5. Lep says:

    I love your blog!

    I really like looking at all the pictures you’ve collected to post, and the effort you put in your posts. Thanks for this trip down memory lane, and all of the new things to discover!!!

    Keep it up. I will definitely come back for more!

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