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If you’re a collector or have found an old candy wrapper or box that you have a question about, please get in touch.  If you are a candy industry vet, and would be willing to share your bit of candy history with us, we’d love to talk to you.

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  1. andrew says:


    I found your website today and it is fantastic!

    Question: Is there any site like yours that deals with cookies, snacks etc…?

    If there is not, maybe you can delve into that realm as well 🙂

    Your thorough history of each candy is superb!

    Great job!

    I look forward to more

    • jasonliebig says:


      “Question: Is there any site like yours that deals with cookies, snacks etc…?”

      In short, not exactly. There is a thriving group of collectors on Flickr, who share information and images on such topics. If you check out the “Raiders of the Lost Snacks” group on Flickr, you can find a big start on this kind of material – though that group is dedicated to packaging only with mascots:

      And certainly there’s a bit of the topic in my own “Candy and Snacks” image set on Flickr:

      When I first started, I lumped the two topics together, though I probably should have given each of them their own category. I may try to start separating out the snacks and cookies, at some point.

  2. plcary says:

    Love your web page! I have been trying to track down a candy from my youth for many years and it’s driving me crazy. Maybe you or one of your readers will remember this item. The time frame is probably mid to late 70s. It was a small plastic bottle with a colorful syrup inside. I think it was called “Shazam” and had some type of wizard on the packaging. The bottle was about the size of an egg. Thanks for any info!

  3. Dean Olsen says:

    Hey Jason:
    Great site. Do you remember a candy that I believe came out in the late seventies (or early eighties) that was shaped like a nose and contained liquid candy? The liquid came in assorted flavors and was dispensed through the nostrils. I think it was created by the same guy that invented Jelly Bellys. Cherry flavored candy was my favorite as a kid and this was the best tasting cherry flavored candy that I ever had. Do you have any advertising, packaging or other info on this product?

  4. New Recruit says:

    Fantastic website!

    I would love to start collecting retro food packaging, but I have absolutely no idea how or where to start!

    Where do you find this stuff? Ebay? Flea Markets? Conventions?

    What’s a good way to get started? Any tips for a prospective newcomer?

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    • jasonliebig says:

      New Recruit: these days it’s mainly eBay, but if you can find a lot of estate sales, occasionally troves off vintage packages can turn up that way, but typically the old packaging is the stuff that gets tossed in the trash, while they’re getting to the “good stuff”.

      The best advice is to collect what you like, and don’t get buried in your collection. :-).

  5. Al says:


    cool site. I just came across it when trying to remember the name of a Topps candy in the early 70s. It was in a roll, circular pieces and half were light blue and half were a pinkish color and it had a fizzy flavor. Any idea?

  6. dan reilly says:

    hi there i have an old packet of jelly tots unopened from 1972/73 as they were a silly present for my mums wedding on the 7 april 1973 (dont ask why she just loved jelly tots) and the packet is unopened in its original packaging and it says 3p on the front of packet it has been well preserved in a bag and a box until this time and the sweets actually look good enough to go.

    I am just wondering if or how much they may be worth if anything.

    Thank You


    Mr Dan Reilly

  7. Tawnya says:

    Having a blast reading your site! I love food history and I love candy!


  8. Andrew says:

    Looking through the “Gallery Test” section of the site, I see you’ve got a Canadian Adams Gum sales book. You’ve marked it as 1960s. However, I believe that I may narrow it down further for you, for the simple reason that some of the pages are in both English and French. This is due to the Official Languages Act, which came into law in Canada on September 9th, 1969. I don’t believe Adams would have time to reprint everything in both languages. My best guess is that the guidebook is closer to being from the early ’70s.

  9. Zack says:

    Thanks for posting the Wonka Daredevils box! Been looking for a pic of the box six or seven years now and I’ve finally found it! An ingenious candy introduced in the early 80s; Unfortunately by the early 90s they had faded into obscurity. They should totally bring them back!!

  10. Schmutz says:


    Love the site! Do you remember the M&M Royals? They were around in the early 80’s I think.
    I checked your site and didn’t see any info on them.

    Also, what about Fortune Bubble? It was by far the best gum ever and only a penny!
    I’m not sure who made it. I have given serious consideration to trying to bring it back to market.


  11. Randy says:

    Great site!

  12. Bob Stambaugh says:

    Hi Jason,
    You have a great site. Do you remember miniature ‘Chunky’s’? They came in a bag of about 2 or three dozen. They were roughly <1" square ~ 3/4" thick with a narrow ridge around the top edge, diagonally embossed 'CHUNKY' in the recessed area and individually wrapped. I remember them from the '60s & '70s.

  13. Dora Covington says:

    Hi Jason,
    Love your site. I have had a candy bar in my thoughts from the 1940s.
    I think it was made by Welch. I was a child back then and loved the rum,
    raisin, chocolate candy. If I am remembering correctly it was in a purple wrapper.
    Just wondering if you have found that one.

  14. Hi – At a recent Estate Sale I purchased a Few rolls of Zodiac Pops Plastic Wrappers -Unused/Uncut, I was wondering if you had a clue what the value was – His Estate explained he worked for the printer – I also have a roll of Santa Pops along with Bread company’s from the 60 & 70’s, I plan on listing the Bread Wrappers tonight on ebay, User name Kidstuff4me – Thanks in advance, Terry-O

  15. D Brown says:

    Do you know if anyone is still selling Bub’s Daddy bubble gum? Or can it be ordered.

  16. Trevor says:

    Sour Tongues(?)
    About 25 years ago, or more, there was a chewy jube-like candy called “Sour Tongues” you could buy individually for about 0.25 cents. I’m not sure who produced them (Maple Leaf, perhaps). But They were multi-colored, elongated, “tongue-shaped,” sour jube-like candy, sugar-coated. I have not been able to find this candy since childhood.
    Does anyone have any idea what happened to this candy or who might have produced them?

  17. Deano says:

    I love your website ! You’ve heard that more than a few times, haven’t you ?! You helped me with my search for TROG-LO-DYTES ! I thought I was the only one in the world that remembered them – but there seems. to be a few more people as well. Thanks for researching and bringing them back to all of the baby boomers !!
    ALSO – I remember TEXAS POP ROCKS — does anybody remember these?! They came out BEFORE pop rocks if I remember right. Also, SECRET CENTERS — do you have any info on this candy? It was pre Gobstopper…I remember the graphic on the vending machine….very simple and 70’s looking.

  18. Naomi says:

    Anyone know the brand of those circular sweettarts, maybe 5 in a package? They were flat, oversized and fruit flavored- I remember watermelon being one of them.
    It would have been late 70’s or 80’s? Trying to see if they are still around anywhere….These were different than the large chewy sweettarts. Thanks!

  19. Vickie says:

    Hi, I’m a candy freak! I love this site!
    I’m trying to remember the name of a package of candy from the late 70s to early 80s that were in a cellophane little bag of tiny, balls, red, white, and blue, mint flavored, came with a straw. BB type candy that we used to blow at other kids through that straw. Not me! I ate mine!
    Also do you have any packaging pictures of the gold wrapped, wild cherry lipstick? Thank you!

  20. Rebecca Price says:

    Where can you buy the mighty milk malt balls?? I have been looking for them everywhere for a couple years..

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