Wacky Wednesdays Double-Feature – PLOTS & BOTS!

Welcome back to another edition of CollectingCandy.com’s Wacky Wednesdays!   Since we’re exactly one week away from Halloween, I put together a special double-feature for today’s entry.

I’m reaching back to 2009 to pull a piece from the first set of Halloween Wacky Packages Postcards while also selecting a parody from the 2012 Halloween set that just came out last week.   Both of today’s Wacky pieces are a parody of Tootsie’s DOTS candy – BOTS from the 2009 Halloween set, and PLOTS from the 2012 series.

BOTS was a great Wacky for a Halloween series, but would have been a great Wacky for any series.  You’ll notice the orange background on this particular card – that’s how those first Halloween series bonus cards were designed – all with orange backgrounds.  Check it out:

Wacky Packages 2009 Halloween Postcards – Bonus Card – BOTS

The style of DOTS box parodied in BOTS is the same one still around today.  It’s also the same style of box that was parodied just this year for an especially-spooky Wacky Packages Halloween postcard — PLOTS.  And here it is:

Wacky Packages 2012 Halloween Postcards – PLOTS

It’s interesting to see how each Wacky used the existing design elements from the product they were parodying. In one, the pieces of candy become the key characters, but in the other they become props for an added on Wacky character.  I think they both came together wonderfully.

Since both of these Wacky Packages are based on a contemporary DOTS box, it was easy for me to go out and grab a current version to compare.  Here it is:

Tootsie – DOTS – Fruit Flavored – candy box – 2012

As you can see, both the PLOTS the BOTS parodies and the current DOTS box design match up perfectly.  PLOTS is a great new entry for Wackys while BOTS, at only three years old, has already become a classic Wacky Package that will be remembered for many years to come.

And that’s everything for today’s edition of Wacky Wednesdays.  See you next time!


Today’s post has been part of CollectingCandy.com’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.

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