Kit Kats Fit For A Queen!

It’s been quite a year for Great Britain.  They just wrapped up a successful Summer Olympics, and back in June they celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.    For those that don’t know, a Jubilee celebration marks years on the throne, and Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 60th this year.

Quite a number of consumer products reflected the Jubilee, but there were a number that also celebrated the coronation, six decades earlier.  Today, I’m going to showcase 1953’s Coronation Kit Kat, and 2012’s “Brit Kat” that celebrated the Diamond Jubilee.

Elizabeth was only 26-years-old when she ascended to the throne on June 2nd, 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II with the Crown Jewels – June 2nd, 1953

It was quite a different world then.  Britain had gone through one of its most challenging periods less than a decade earlier, fighting World War II, and coming through that was one of their greatest victories.

The country was still recovering and rebuilding from the losses it suffered during that war, so it’s easy to imagine that the country was ready to embrace the celebratory mood that came with a royal coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II in Coronation Robes – June 2nd, 1953

Rowntree joined in the celebration with special packaging for their 1953 Kit Kats.  The wrappers sported the coronation year as well as royal detailing in the design.     I have two in my collection:

UK – Rowntree – Kit Kat – Coronation Editon – 4-stick chocolate wrapper – 1953

I wonder if young Elizabeth ever tried one of these Coronation Kit Kats?

UK – Rowntree – Kit Kat – Coronation Editon – two-stick – chocolate wrapper – 1953

Jumping ahead fifty-nine years (which makes 60 years on the throne), the Diamond Jubilee was another big celebration, with events spread over four days, June 2nd-5th.

Diamond Jubilee Official Website Graphic –

The Queen, now decades older, has seen much about the world change.

Queen Elizabeth II – Official Jubilee Portait – June 2-5 2012

Many things about the world that existed in 1953 have dramatically changed, been replaced, or disappeared completely.  But Kit Kats remain, and as they had done nearly 60 years earlier, they marked this royal special occasion with a Diamond Jubilee-themed package.  They even changed the Kit Kat name to show their national pride:

UK – Nestle – Kit Kat – Brit Kat – Jubilee chocolate bar wrapper – April 2012

Sixty years on, it remains up for speculation as to whether or not the Queen has ever enjoyed a Kit Kat herself, but I’d like to think she has.  It would be brilliant if she had.

And that’s everything I’ve got to share about these Kit Kats that are fit for a Queen.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek at a confectionery treat that deserves royal attention.

Queen Elizabeth II – around the corner – Source AAP

See you next time!

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