Happy 100th Birthday to Oreo! – Part Two: All Those Flavors

Yesterday, I covered the evolution of Oreo cookie packaging from the 1950’s through the early 2,000’s.   Today, I’ll be taking a look at the range of flavors and limited editions that Oreo has released over the past few years.

Oreo standard assortment packages - 2011

Before I get to the domestic brand extensions, I wanted to share two international versions I’ve found.  The first is a Double Stuff (note the two F’s) from the UK.  I believe Oreos are newly making their way into the UK.

UK - Oreo Double Stuff cookie package - November 2011

And here is a limited edition Oreo product from Japan that is a bit like a Moon Pie:

Japan - Oreo Chocolate Pie box package - 2010

Oreo has been doing special holiday editions for years, though these days they are much more widely distributed.  Here’s a pair of their deluxe holiday editions – the fudge covered Oreos:

Oreo Limited Edition Fudge Covered - cookie boxes - 2009

These fudge-covered Oreo special releases are similar to the all-year-round Fudge Cremes – these may be discontinued as I am seeing theme less-and-less:

Nabisco - Oreo Fudge Cremes - 4-pack cookie package - 2011

Another variation that I’ve encountered was an Oreo redesign that Target released exclusively in 2009.  It’s a bit of a throwback to the 1960’s design I showed yesterday:

1960's Oreo pack

Nabisco - Oreo cookies - Target retro test packaging - 2009

Target tested that Oreo redesign, and did the same with their Ritz packaging that year.  Note that the Target redesign also received a holiday edition.  It looked so similar to the standard, I almost missed it when it was on shelves.

The major seasonal releases that Oreo has been doing are simply Double Stuf cookies with colored filling and newly designed cookie pieces and packaging:

Nabisco - Oreo - the Seasons packages - 2010- 2011

A portion of the special releases each year are simply re-branded standard Oreos.  Here are a few others that have come out, that are not strictly new flavors.

Nabisco - Oreo - Nascar - cookie package - 2010

Nabisco - Oreo How to Train Your Dragon red creme cookies package - 2010

Nabisco - Oreo Double Stuf - Heads or Tails - New - cookie package - 2011

Here’s one that changes up the the shape, but not the filling:

Nabisco - Oreo - Football limited edition - cookie package - 2010

Now onto the especially fun ones – the limited edition flavors:

Nabisco - Oreo - Peppermint - cookie package - November 2010

Nabisco - Limited Edition Oreo Candy Cane cookie package - Holiday 2009

Nabisco - Oreo - DQ Blizzard Creme cookie package - 2010

Nabisco - Oreo - Strawberry Milkshake Creme limited edition cookie package - 2009

Nabisco - Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream - cookie package - 2011

This next one is my favorite of the limited edition flavors from recent years:

Nabisco - Oreo - Creamsicle limited edition - cookie package - 2011

In 2011, Nabisco followed the bigger-is-better motif when they introduced their Triple Double Oreo:

Nabisco - Oreo Triple Double - NEW - cookie package - 2011

Nabisco - Oreo Triple Double Neapolitan - NEW - cookie package - 2011

The last special flavor package I’m sharing today is the one released as Oreo’s 100th Birthday – it’s the Birthday Cake flavor:

Nabisco - Oreo - Birthday Cake - cookie package - 2012

I’d like to close with a piece that I found in my files after yesterday’s article went live.  It is a six-pack package from 1993 – which shows us what the packaging looked like after the move from the 70’s-80’s design, but before our modern look had taken hold:

Nabisco - Oreo - 6-pack cookie pack - 1993

That’s all for CollectingCandy.com’s two-day Oreo celebration.  Check back tomorrow for another fun candy piece.



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6 Responses to Happy 100th Birthday to Oreo! – Part Two: All Those Flavors

  1. Jason says:

    Great 2 part article! There was a lot of stuff I was not familiar with, and some looked downright delicious! The only thing I didn’t see, was a mention of the Oreo Big Stuf. That was those were the huge Oreos that were sold individually. Maybe a new wrapper for you to search for?

    • jasonliebig says:


      Yes, I’m familiar with Big Stuff, and I’ve been on the hunt. This Oreo review merely scratches the surface of the related products produced under the Oreo banner. There is so much more that I don’t have, or have quality images of. But I continue to look… Thanks for the reminder on Oreo Big Stuff – an 80’s classic.

  2. Oh man, those flavor extensions look amazing. Especially the Peppermint, Candy Cane and Birthday Cake. I’m going out to find that birthday cake flavor today.

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  4. Carleen says:

    Any word on Neon Oreos? Not much proof they existed other than this YouTube video. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ1fSmrPccg) Have you ever seen the packaging/promo material for this one? The video is french, but I definitely remember having these in Canada in the early 90s.

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