Amazing Flavors Discovered! Never-Before-Seen Brand Extensions! [April 1st warning.]

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Here on, I’ve occasionally mentioned how much I enjoy oddball flavor extensions of existing brands, and today I have the pleasure of sharing a trio of amazing ones that were recently discovered.  Not only are they exotic flavor extensions, but they’re flavor extensions of three of my all-time favorite brands to boot!

Make the jump to see more and get the story of how I tracked these down!

Happy April Fool’s Day!!  Did I get you?

If you haven’t already figured it out, today’s post is my little bit of April Fool’s Day fun.  Longtime visitors to my Flickr will have already figured this out as one of today’s wrappers is a rehash of an old Flickr April Fool’s Day creation, the Marathon Peanut Butter bar.  I did give the Marathon Peanut Butter wrapper a touch more flare today, with “pb” initials now appearing as part of the logo design:

Mars Marathon Peanut Butter - April Fools Day creation candy wrapper

Mars Marathon Peanut Butter – April Fool’s Day creation candy wrapper

The next piece is also a bit of a sequel to something I first mocked-up for Flickr; my creation of a 1970’s version of a Just Born Hot Tamales Ice box.  I came up with the idea when Just Born launched the Hot Tamales Ice brand spinoff, but back then I only had the front panel created – for today I did up the entire box:

1970's Hot Tamales Ice - April Fools Day candy box

1970’s Hot Tamales Ice – April Fool’s Day creation candy box

And last but not least, my new flavor of Willy Wonka’s Oompas candy, the never-produced Tangerine Oompas:

Willy Wonka Tangerine Oompas April Fool's Day candy packageD

Willy Wonka Tangerine Oompas April’s Fool’s Day creation candy package

I built this Tangerine Oompas design over the scan of an actual Strawberry Oompas package.  Strawberry Oompas are a pretty unusual brand extension on their own, and one you can find discussed over on my Willy Wonka’s Outstanding Oompas post.

So while today’s “discoveries” are merely products of April Fool’s imagination, if there’s one thing I’ve learned while collecting candy; it’s that what seems like it could only be imaginary one day, can turn out to have been an actual product the next.  Over the years, manufacturers have tried out all sorts of oddball flavors of brands we know and love, and while many of these have been forgotten – some may be rediscovered still.

For today however, our discussion shall be limited to the realm of made-up April Fool’s Day fun.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!

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3 Responses to Amazing Flavors Discovered! Never-Before-Seen Brand Extensions! [April 1st warning.]

  1. Brandon says:

    Ha ha! I would have been all over that tangerine Oompas! 🙂

  2. Dave S. says:

    (chuckling) You got me there, bud! :o)

  3. VioletMaria says:

    I WISH that Hot Tamales Ice was real…it would’ve been like a return of the long deceased ‘Cool Kids’!

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