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I’ve been working on a big two-day Milk Duds posting which I’d intended to start yesterday, but it’s taken more work than expected so now it’ll start tomorrow.  Because of that Milk Duds theme, I decided to do something a bit unusual for today’s edition of Wacky Wednesdays.

By unusual, I mean that today I’m showcasing a Wacky Package design that has yet to actually go on-sale.  Previewed over at Beckett.com, this one comes from the upcoming Wacky Packages All New Series 10, shipping in March of 2013.  It’s Milk Deads!

Based on a recent style of Milk Duds box, this one goes all zombie and hits the funny note more than the horror – which is appropriate for a Wacky Packages parody.
Here’s a closer look at this soon-to-be-released design:

Wacky Packages ANS 10 - Milk Deads - Coming in March 2013

Milk Deads – Wacky Packages ANS 10 – Coming in March 2013

I dig this one… it’s a good bit of fun.   I’m assuming that the art is how it will appear when it shows up in packs next year, but you never know.  Sometimes there are tweaks and changes that get incorporated in the weeks before going to press.   Whatever the case, I think this is going to be a great new addition to the family of candy-parody Wackys.

I picked up a box of Milk Duds currently on shelves to match to this one but the current box didn’t quite match the Wacky.  It didn’t have the Hershey logo on the front, a design element used in the parody sticker.  In order to find a perfectly matching box, I had to go back a year, and to my files.  Here’s the box I had that matches this Wacky quite nicely:

Hershey's - Milk Duds - 1.85 oz candy box - 2011

Hershey’s – Milk Duds – 1.85 oz candy box – 2011

So that’s it for this slightly unconventional edition of Wacky Wednesdays.  I hope  you enjoyed it, and enjoyed the sneak preview of Wacky Packages All-New Series 10.

It’s amazing to think that the new Wackys are all the way to a tenth series.  All New Series 1 first went on-sale in 2004, which means these Wackys have been chugging along for nearly a decade.  Pretty awesome.

Today’s edition featured a parody of Milk Duds and it’s the perfect setup for my next two days of posts, where I will be showcasing a larger variety of Milk Duds boxes than have ever been gathered together…as well as a few cool surprises that have never been seen anywhere before.  I hope you stop back by to check it out.

It’s gonna be fun, so I’ll sign off here as I’ve still got lots of work to do and I’ll see you next time!

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