A Few Spooky Kit Kat Goodies!

As we rapidly approach Halloween (it’s here tomorrow!), I realize that it’s been a pretty packed month on the site but it’s gone really fast.  I thought I would have trouble filling 31 posts with nothing but Halloween candy content, but as it turns out I’ve got more than I had room to post about.  Guess I’ll have to save a few things for next year.

For today’s post, I’ve selected the Kit Kat items from my collection that were specifically produced for the Halloween holiday.  Kit Kat is one of the all-time classic confectionery brands, and I’ve got a fun selection of pieces to share.

If you’ve been reading along all month, you’ll remember this next wrapper as part of my post on Nestle Canada’s special series of redesigned wrappers for this Halloween:

Canada – Nestle – Kit Kat – KitKat – Halloween candy bar wrapper – October 2012

Back here in the United States, we saw a pretty fun release as well, with this wrapper and pack for orange-colored white chocolate Kit Kats in treat-sizes:

Hershey – Kit Kat – Halloween fun size wrapper – October 2012

Hershey – Kit Kat – Orange Colored Halloween Treats – 10oz candy package bag – October 2012

Last year, I picked up a different snack-size package with a cool set of bat wings on the Kit Kat logo:

Hershey – Kit Kat Halloween Minis 10oz candy package – October 2011

But it’s not just the mini size and snack-size that have received specialty packaging over the years.   Not too long ago, we had a great vampire wrapper on standard size and king-size Kit Kat packs:

Kit Kat – Ghoulish Collection Wrapper – 2007

The Ghoulish collection became the Spooky collection back in 2010 or 2011 (can’t remember when I first saw these):

Hershey – Kit Kat – Halloween Spooky Designs – candy bar wrapper – October 2011

Those wrappers point out that you could get “1 of 4 spooky designs”.  At first I hunted for different wrappers, but it turned out that there was only one kind of wrapper – but there could be different designs on the chocolate bar itself.

So Kit Kat here in the USA has flexed its Halloween creativity a bit, but my favorites probably still come from outside the USA.  Over the years, Japanese Kit Kats have released some wonderfully-inventive flavors and Halloween designs.  Here are the packages for the ones I’ve managed to track down:

Japan – Kit Kat – Halloween Pumpkin large bag – 2007

Japan – Kit Kat – mini-balls – Halloween Baby Pumpkin bag – 2007

Japan – Kit Kat – Halloween Caramel – candy chocolate box – October 2007

Japan – Kit Kat – Halloween Pumpkin bag – 2008

Finally, my last pieces to share are the 2012 Japanese Kit Kat Halloween release.  The flavor was a dark chocolate pumpkin pudding.  The packaging was pretty spectacular with a great-looking outer package and a fun series of at least six different individual mini-size wrappers (I think I’m missing a seventh – there’s an angel on the outer pack that I don’t have in the individual wrappers):

Japan – Nestle – Kit Kat KitKat – Black Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding – Halloween multi-pack – candy package – October 2012

Japan – Nestle – Kit Kat KitKat – Pumpkin Pudding – Halloween mini-packs- October 2012

Aren’t those amazing?  I really dig the little costumed-kid illustrations on them.  Great stuff!

And that’s everything I’ve got for today’s post on Halloween Kit Kats.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my conclusion post to my CountdownToHalloween month, so make sure to drop back by.

See you next time!


Today’s post has been part of CollectingCandy.com’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.

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  1. jamdin says:

    Kit Kats are one of my favorite candies and I will be handing out some mini ones to the tricksters this year. Thanks for posting about them for Halloween. I have enjoyed all of your posts for this season.

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