My Earliest Halloween Photo – Brach’s Trick or Treats!

It’s October 1st so I’d like to welcome you to my first official post as part of’s month-long Countdown to Halloween!  I’m starting with a small post today, but one that is ever so personal to me.  For today’s post, I’d like to share my earliest Halloween photo.

This one comes from all the way back in 1972 (possibly 1971, I’m not 100% certain).  This photo features my brother Jeff on the left with our pal Jay Burton on the right, both in homemade Superman costumes, and a wild-eyed young me in a panther costume below.  Ahem…

My Earliest Halloween Photo – 1972

There I am, forty years ago, already being held back from a full sugar-rush rampage.  Looking back, I don’t know quite what to make of my cat-like headgear, but clearly it wasn’t slowing me down.

When I came across this photo a few years ago, I took note of the Brach’s Trick or Treat bags we were carrying (and that had yet to be filled with goodies).

Brach’s Halloween bag photo close-up

I have to wonder what confectionery delights I ended up collecting and consuming that night, so many years ago.  If only I had a photo of the end of the night to go along with this one.

This photo not only delivered a wonderful dose of personal nostalgia, but also a bit of hobby inspiration.   I am a collector after all, and I love a good hunt.  So I set out to find one of those Brach’s Halloween bags.

Eventually, I turned one up and it became a fun part of my collection.  Here it is:

Brach’s Halloween Trick or Treats paper bag – Early 1970’s

The design on the Brach’s treat bag is simple but timeless.  I could easily imagine this on a treat bag in 2012.

That’s everything for today’s fist entry on our countdown to Halloween.  If you’d like to check out more Halloween countdown goodness, make sure to check out the official CountdownToHalloween site, for links to all the other folks taking part in this fun, month-long celebration.

We’ve got plenty more Halloween candy goodness lined up, so make sure you keep dropping by as the month progresses.   See you next time…

Dreaming of Halloween candy yet-to-come…

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7 Responses to My Earliest Halloween Photo – Brach’s Trick or Treats!

  1. Great photo! I love seeing old holiday photos. They really take you back.

    I haven’t thought of those treat bags since I was a kid. You’ve totally brought the memory back. Thanks!

  2. That’s very cool that you found an old photo that ties into your modern day collecting! And old Halloween photos are always cool anyway before all the mass market stuff starts showing up.

  3. Todd says:

    Welcome to the countdown, Jason!

  4. Wonderful photo! My memories from that era are of the plastic bags that held miniature bags of chips and were then used for trick-or-treating. Classics. Welcome to the countdown! 🙂

  5. Shawn Robare says:

    Always super envious of folks who have Halloween photos of themselves as kids. For some reason my dad only deemed the photos important during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Those Superman costumes are pretty darn neat!

  6. Nice post!
    I LOVE the old trick or treat bags and have been searching for a Halloween-themed Grand Union shopping bag that I remember carrying when I was a kid.

    Impressive detective work on the spotting it in the photo. I feel like you should have been saying out loud “Lock on… and enhance… There. There’s your killer.”

    • jasonliebig says:

      Ha ha… nice Blade Runner reference. I never expected we’d have that technology in our homes, and yet we all do. Heck, we carry it in our pockets.

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