Hooray for College Football Season!! And Go Big Red with the Cornhusker Bar!

The college football season officially kicked off this week with a full slate of games yesterday, so today I thought I’d mark that occasion with a little college-related candy goodness.

I should also note that, having grown up in Nebraska and graduated from the University there, today’s post is going to be entirely Husker-centric.   I hope the fans of my team’s rivals will forgive me the indulgence.  Go Big Red!

First up is a bar that was, when I acquired it, still intact.  I don’t like to keep unopened candy around too long – I’ve seen bars attacked by critters, as well as the contents themselves erode away the packaging from within.  So this one had to get emptied.

Before I did that, I did take photos.  For the sake of a full look, here’s what 1985’s Corn Husker Bar looked like before and after I opened it:

1985’s Cornhusker Bar sealed and contents

I opened the Corn Husker bar as carefully as I could to remove the contents, but the wrapper still shredded a bit when I did.

Here’s the wrapper, flattened out:

University Foods – Official Corn Husker Bar – candy wrapper – 1985

I would imagine that University Foods produced bars for any University that would buy them.  So, there there are likely all sorts of similar wrappers for other programs that may have survived in other parts of the country.    Regional college sports-related food products like this were a bit less common in 1985, but this is a fairly ordinary occurrence now.

Back in 2010, during a trip back to my home state, I picked up two contemporary University of Nebraska related bars.  Here are the wrappers for each:

All Star Chocolates – Herbie’s – candy bar wrapper – 2010

All Star Chocolates – Cornhusker Caramels – candy bar wrapper – 2010

It’s always fun to show support for your home team.  When it comes to confections, however, I suspect that most folks prefer to buy candy bars they know, and show their school support in other ways.  Still — these are pretty fun, and I’m glad they made them, so I can track ’em down.

So College Football 2012 has kicked off, and week one is already behind us.  It’s my hope that we’ve got a great college football season ahead of us filled with entertaining games and good fun.  Of course I also hope that Nebraska wins their conference.  Go Huskers!

And that’s everything for today.  See you next time!

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