Nature’s Candy – Starring The California Raisins!

As a kid, I never bought into the idea that raisins were, in fact, “nature’s candy”.  To ten-year-old me, they were some scary dried-up fruit.  But as I’ve grown older I’ve warmed to the “nature’s candy” idea, and I’ve certainly gained an appreciation for their raisin-representatives, The California Raisins.   Today, I’m going to share examples of packaging featuring these musical mascots.

First up is a package that was probably found in the candy isle in smaller stores and spots like 7-Eleven – it’s Champion Raisins:

National Raisin Company – Champion Raisins w-The California Raisins – snack package – 1989

Next up is the package that originally prompted me to do this post.  I found this package at a gas station in upstate New York, and I was surprised to see the California Raisin character on it, as I hadn’t noticed them on packaging in many years.

Love and Quiches Desserts – Old Fashioned Oatmeal Chewie w-California Raisins – package – 2011

Finding that package led me to doing a search through my recent archives, which turned up this Sun-Maid box with a California Raisin on the top flap:

Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins box – 2007

The height of the California Raisins fame was the late 80’s, and I have couple more items from that period, so I thought I’d include them.  First up is a cereal box:

Post – Raisin Bran – California Raisins – cereal box – 1988

Finally, something that’s not a piece of packaging , but it’s where I pulled today’s title image from.  It’s the cover of an issue of Scholastic’s Dynamite Magazine, and I thought readers would appreciate seeing it:

Scholastic Dynamite Magazine – Issue 141 – The California Raisins

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a listen:

That’s everything I’ve got to share today on the musical mascots of “Nature’s Candy”.  I hope you enjoyed the look.

See you next time!

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A New York City based writer, editor and sometimes actor. After spending much of the 1990′s in the comic book business helping tell the stories of Marvel Comics’ X-Men as series editor, he has since split his time between developing his own entertainment properties while still consulting and working on others. Having been described as “the Indiana Jones of lost and forgotten candy”, Jason is one of the country’s premier candy collectors and historians with his discoveries appearing in countless blogs, magazines, newspaper articles, and books. Always happy to share his knowledge and unique perspectives on this colorful part of our popular culture, Jason has consulted with New York’s Museum of Food and Drink and has also been a featured guest on Food Network’s Heavyweights, France’s M6 Capital, and New York’s My Google Profile+
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2 Responses to Nature’s Candy – Starring The California Raisins!

  1. Steve says:

    The California Raisin Marketing Board is still out there pushing their raisin agenda! Who knew? I ran into them and a lone mascot at the Great American Pie Festival a few months back in Celebration, Florida. It was great seeing them out and about!

  2. reizhusten says:

    My mom ate these candies nonstop while I was a kid and I have grown to love them myself. She always begs her Wisconsin friends to ship more out and everytime I can’t stop myself from digging into one of her secret stash! Please bring them back!

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