2012 London Olympics – CollectingCandy-style!

UK – Cadbury – Wenlock & Mandeville – chocolate mascots bars – 2012 London Olympics – Summer 2011

The 2012 London Summer Olympics officially kicked-off today after a wonderful opening ceremonies yesterday.  I had a great time watching the ceremonies on television, and realized it was the perfect time to devote a post here to these Olympics.

The title image for today’s post is my favorite of those I’ll be covering – it’s Cadbury’s Olympic mascot bar, featuring Wenlock and Mandeville.  The chocolate itself is shaped like the two strange-yet-appealing characters.

Cadbury began branding the 2012 Olympic logo onto their packaging back in 2010.  They also created and launched an Olympic-related campaign called Spots V Stripes.  Spots V Stripes was a £50m campaign that Cadbury ran from 2010 through today.  There were a number of initiatives launched within the campaign and its efforts were spread across TV advertising, digital, events, community programs, PR and outdoor advertising.

I have two wrappers from bars that were created out of the Spots V Stripes campaign – and here they are:

UK – Cadbury – Spots V Stripes Challenge Bar – 2012 London Olympics – chocolate bar wrapper – 2010

UK – Cadbury – Spots V Stripes – The Big Race – 2012 London Olympics – chocolate bar wrapper – 2011

Beyond the bars that were created specifically for the 2012 London Olympics, they also branded standard bars with the logos and info.  I wanted to pick up as many of these as I could.  Here are a couple of them:

UK – Cadbury – Boost – 2012 London Olympics – chocolate candy bar wrapper – 2010

I like that the Boost bar touts “biscuit energy”, which I think translates loosely to me as cookie-energy.  Awesome.

And finally, here’s my favorite Cadbury brand bar, with Olympic branding of its own:

UK – Cadbury – Curly Wurly – -CurlyWurly- London Olympics – candy bar wrapper – 2010

The Olympics are an amazing time for the world, but also a special time and special event for the host country.   As a collector, it’s great to track down and see the limited edition packaging that’s released to celebrate hosting the Olympics.   It’s fun stuff.

And that’s all for today’s 2012 London Olympics-themed post.  See you next time!

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