Fleer’s Little Zitts – A CollectingCandy.com Exclusive!

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing a piece of candy packaging history you can’t see or read about anywhere else on the internet – it’s a CollectingCandy.com exclusive world premiere.

I don’t remember this product from my own youth, and I suspect few if any of you will.  My guess is that this was only out for a short time and then discontinued.

It’s one of the many gems that is part of the lost history of candy, though I’m doing my best to uncover and preserve pieces like this bit by bit (or Zitt by Zitt, in this case).

So, without further discussion, here is the package for Fleer’s Little Zitts:

Fleer – Little Zitts candy package – late 1970’s

Likely dating from the 1977-1979 period, the package itself is about the size of a Fleer Razzles pack, but this was not a Razzles-like product.  Featuring a fun logo and great selection of little mascots, it’s a piece of vintage candy packaging I’m excited to get to show you today.

Nowadays, I’d expect any candy called “Zitts” to be a gross-out type of item, but that clearly wasn’t the case here.  Instead, this one aims to have some fun, even offering up the slogan “CANDY you can love!”

If anyone remembers Little Zitts, please comment and let me know – I’d love to hear about your recollection of them.   And that’s all for this Sunday.   See you next time!

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2 Responses to Fleer’s Little Zitts – A CollectingCandy.com Exclusive!

  1. JON MANKUTA says:

    I don’t remember it, but it’s a nice example of just how many fun flash-in-the-pan candies came out around that time… 🙂
    Very cool!

  2. Brandon says:

    The creative folks at Fleer sure must have had fun back in the day! They came up with some wacky stuff.

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