Whoppers and Waffelos! Yum!

I only recently posted my extensive review of Whoppers history, so bringing up the brand again so soon might be a bit premature.   But this new addition to the collection deserves mention – a 1982 Ralston Waffelos box that features “Free Whoppers Inside”.

You heard right; you got Whoppers in your Waffelos!  Yee-haw, pardners!

As I pointed out back in February, there’s a rich history of confectionery tie-ins with kids cereals.   Though I’ve uncovered many through my research, I’m sure there are many more waiting to be discovered.   This Waffelos box with the Whoppers tie-in was certainly a surprise to me, and one I’d never heard of before.  Just last week and out-of-the-blue, a fellow collector and pal offered this one up, and I was able to get it.

Originally on shelves back in 1982, I can’t help but ask the question I always do when I find these cereal/candy combinations:  How many kids, looking for an extra-sweet bit of breakfast goodness, just crumbled those free Whoppers right onto their bowl of Waffelos cereal?

Here’s a look at the entirety of the box:

Ralston – Waffelos maple flavor – Free Whoppers trial-size – cereal box – 1982

Sure, there’s some stuff on there about a rebate for a hot beverage maker as well as coupons for Ralston’s Cookie Crisp and Waffelos themselves, but the main event is the Whoppers tie-in.  Not only did you get a “free inside” sampling of Whoppers but also a cut-out coupon for 10-cents off of a large carton or bag:

Ralston – Waffelos maple flavor – Free Whoppers trial-size – cereal box – 1982

And there you have it; a pretty neat addition to my confectionery collection.  I’m glad I was able to snag it, and that I could share it with you today.  See you next time!

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2 Responses to Whoppers and Waffelos! Yum!

  1. Brandon says:

    Super box! I love seeing ad characters hawking for somebody else’s product, like Waffelo Bill there on the back of your box.

  2. astronit says:

    I remember getting ‘malted milk balls’ inside the milk carton containers. Sort of an odd packaging idea but really held up nicely and didn’t damage the contents.

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