A Gem of a Middle Eastern M&M’s pack.

As a candy collector, I’m routinely surprised by the things I find that I never knew existed.  Typically this involves items that were made twenty and thirty years ago, sometimes even further back.  But occasionally something comes to me that isn’t that old at all, but still slaps me across the face with how cool and unexpected it is.

Such is the case with a limited edition M&M’s Almond package from 2006.  I believe this one originated from M&M’s GCC division in Dubai, and the package design and colors are gorgeous.

Dubai - Mars GCC - M&M's Almond Limited Edition candy package - 2006

I dig everything about this packaging.  It’s got the classic mascots I know, as well as the great M&M’s logo, but there’s the addition of the crescent moon element (a symbol tied to many Islamic holidays and Middle Eastern flags, I believe).  The mascots also appear to be holding some kind of antique lamp, which I’m guessing has some other significance?  Beyond that, the colors and almond shape motif and stars in the background make this one of the prettiest M&M’s packages I’ve ever seen.

As a collector, I can’t help but wonder what other cool international packaging variations of American brands that I’m missing out on.  I manage to catch some of the cool Japanese Kit Kats on eBay, and have snagged some of the Australian ones, but pieces like this?  I’ll likely never find these unless I’m very lucky, as I was in this case.

If anyone can tell me more about the design on this one, or you ever spot a cool International version of a US brand abroad, drop me a line!   And that’s all for today.

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