Star Wars pendants! In 1979 Nestle wrappers had The Force.

Back in 1979, Star Wars-mania was in full-effect and everyone was excited about the sequel they knew was on the horizon.  I was ten-years-old, and I was certainly a part of that very enthusiastic group of fans whose eyes lit up at the mention of anything related to those characters.

One of the few things I do recall not being overly crazy about though, was the Star Wars-inspired jewelry.  It’s also one of those things that, over the years, I’ve come to appreciate in a different way.   Now, I think they’re kinda cool.

Nestle got in on the Star Wars act, with a 1979 promotion that allowed consumers to save up wrappers for a mail-away offer – giving them a Star Wars pendant in exchange.

This is a mail-away offer I do recall, but due to my being far more interested in mailing away for my non-rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure, I passed on the offer.  Not on the candy – I had my share of Nestle Crunch and Choco’lites back then.

Presented today are three of the wrappers from this promotion.  The offer was also found on $100,000 bar wrappers, but I do not have that one in my collection.

Nestle - Crunch - Free Star Wars Pendant offer - chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1979

Nestle - Choco'Lite - Free Star Wars Pendant offer - chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1979

Nestle - Milk Chocolate - Free Star Wars Pendant offer - chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1979

Visiting Gus Lopez’s amazing Star Wars archive database, I turned up a wonderful photo of the mailing envelope along with the pendants, that was shipped out for this promo:

Nestle Star Wars Pendants mail-away - Image courtesy Star Wars Archive Database

Finally, here’s a parting shot of these pieces, removed from their chains.  This image comes from RebelScum Star Wars forums:

Star Wars pendants - Image credit: Jedi534 via the Rebelscum Forums

That’s all for this one today.  Drop back by tomorrow as I’ll showing off an early 80’s candy box that I’ve been looking for, for five years.  It’s the first image of this one to ever hit the internet, and it’s a cool one.  It’s going to be devilishly good.


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3 Responses to Star Wars pendants! In 1979 Nestle wrappers had The Force.

  1. I don’t think I ever knew these were available via mail order. I do remember getting the pendants and a few matching rings as well.

  2. Manny says:

    I had bought that C-3PO pendant from a local toy store in the 70’s and was psyched to wear it to school. By the end of the first day one of his legs were bent and almost falling off. My father tried to mend it with some quick hardening putty from behind which held great for about a day.

    When I got home from school the next day his leg was gone. It was the first thing I had saved up for that turned out to be a bust and better prepared me for a lifetime of disappointment. lol.

  3. Reggie says:

    We had those pendants too but ours were also bought at a toy store. They were pretty awesome. I don’t remember this offer but I’m struck by what a crazy, great deal it was. Were the bars 25 cents in 1979 Jason? If I’m reading that right, for $2.50 you got a necklace at half the retail price mailed to your house – postage included – and you got to enjoy 10 chocolate bars in the process! Maybe the bars were more by that point, but it would still seem you couldn’t lose.

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