FYE’s Exclusive WWE Wrestling Chocolate Bars!

Earlier this year, the FYE chain of stores released an exclusive line of deluxe chocolate bars featuring a line-up of current WWE Wrestling favorites.  Make the jump to check them out!

For those that don’t recall, back in 2013 I touched upon another instance of professional wrestling licensed to sell chocolate bars 25 years ago.

A lot has changed in the twenty-five years since those earlier wrestling chocolate bars were on store shelves.  The “WWF” has become the “WWE” and countless professional wrestling stars have come and gone.  But the business of professional wrestling and the fandom surrounding it has only grown.  So it is no surprise to find a new series of chocolate bars featuring the biggest stars of pro wrestling arriving on the scene.

Unlike those bars from a quarter century ago whose variety was limited to “chocolate, peanuts or crispy”, these new bars run the gamut of contemporary tastes, with everything from chipotle dark chocolate to marshmallow to popping candy infused milk chocolate.

Kicking it off with one of the biggest stars in the sport, here is a sea salt caramel bar featuring John Cena:

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – U Can’t C Me – C Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – John Cena

I’ll confess that I am not a professional wrestling aficionado, so I’m guessing that the characters on these wrappers are heroes and villains (“faces” and “heels” in pro wrestling terms) and that designation is delineated by the color of background they’re standing in front of.  With the prominent character photography being the center of each, this gives the look of the wrappers something akin to a classic trading card.  I dig it.

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – The New Face of Fear Fearfully Dark Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Bray Wyatt

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – Roman Empire – The Big Dog’s Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Roman Reigns

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – RKO Outta Nowhere Apex Predator Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Randy Orton

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – Redesign Rebuild Reclaim – The Architect’s Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Seth Rollins

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – New Day Rocks Hand Clappin’ Pop Rockin’ Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – I Am Phenomenal – Phenomenal Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – AJ Styles

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – Balor Club – Chipotle Dark Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Finn Balor

FYE – Astor Chocolate – WWE – And You Can’t Teach That – Sawft Marshmallow Milk Chocolate – 3 oz chocolate bar wrapper – 2016 – Big Cass and Enzo Amore

Those bars represent a nice variety of flavors and while they are all well done, my personal favorite is the marshmallow and milk chocolate bar.  At $3.99 these are certainly a premium bar but you get what you pay for as each one is 3 ounces of high quality chocolate from the Astor Chocolate company.

These WWE wrestling stars chocolate bars are FYE store exclusives and I could not currently find them available for order on the FYE website, so if you’re looking to pick up a single bar or a whole set, you’ve got to find an FYE store in-person.  But while you can’t currently order the WWE chocolate bars at FYE online, what I did find on their website was their other fun consumable wrestling tie-in product;  A delightfully-packaged breakfast cereal called BootyO’s.

WWE BootyO’s and Ho-Ho BootyO’s cereal boxes – 2016

With a holiday Christmas version of the cereal to boot, it’s clear that the folks at FYE are having fun with their license.  BootyO’s are a throwback in the best of ways (certainly hearkening back to WWF Superstars cereal) and I’ve no doubt that every wrestling enthusiast out there can appreciate this one.  Even I love these, and I’m not a big wrestling fan.

So there you have it, a great set of nine store exclusive WWE-themed chocolate bar wrappers (and two cereal boxes, too).   It’s a great assortment of professional wrestling goodness and it is everything I’ve got to share on FYE’s exclusive line of WWE wrestling chocolate bars.   See you next time!

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