A Twizzlers Halloween Frankenstein for Friday!

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Since it’s Friday, I thought it would be alliteratively appropriate to feature one of my favorite frightening fellows: Frankenstein.  And it just so happens that Twizzlers created a fantastic bit of Frankenstein’s Monster-laden packaging this year just for the Halloween holiday.

So make the jump to check out this year’s super-cool Frankenstein-themed Twizzlers Halloween package!

I gotta say, when I first spotted this new Halloween Twizzlers package on store shelves last month, I flipped.  Frankenstein’s Monster is one of my all-time favorites and anytime I see him portrayed on a candy package, it gets my full attention.  I’m also a fan of the Twizzlers campaign from the last couple years featuring all manner of things created out of the animated flavorful licorice twists, so for me this one was firing on all pistons.

Here it is:

Hershey- Twizzlers Twists Strawberry - Halloween Frankenstein Universal Monsters - Snack-Size 22oz package - October 2014

Hershey- Twizzlers Twists Strawberry – Halloween Frankenstein Universal Monsters – Snack-Size 22oz package – October 2014

I should note that Hershey is using the licensed version of Universal’s Frankenstein’s Monster – as indicated by the official symbol featured on the front of the pack:

Twizzlers Frankenstein Universal Studios Home of the Original Monsters logo close-up - 2014

Twizzlers Frankenstein Universal Studios Home of the Original Monsters logo close-up – 2014

The approach of creating the Frankenstein Monster graphic from out of  Twizzlers themselves is one that Hershey has been using for the past year or two on its television campaign.  I think it’s incredibly inventive and awfully appealing from a visual standpoint.  They’ve done stuff with it in the commercials I never would have expected – and I was especially surprised and delighted by their Star Trek spot.

This is the first time I’ve seen the made-out-of-Twizzlers approach put to use on actual Twizzlers packaging, but I hope it’s just the beginning.  I’d enjoy seeing them do more packages using this stylistic approach.

Here are a trio of Twizzlers commercials from the past two years that utilize the same cool Twizzlers-as-everything construction:

I think those spots are pretty amazing, don’t you?

And that’s everything I’ve got for today.  A short post for this first Friday of our 2014 Halloween Countdown, but one I hope you enjoyed.  See you next time!

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5 Responses to A Twizzlers Halloween Frankenstein for Friday!

  1. Shawn Robare says:

    Holy Crap! I haven’t seen these yet. Need to find a package like yesterday…

    • Jason Liebig says:


      Right? Let me know if you can’t track one down – but I’ll bet you will – they’re everywhere around here. Check Walgreens – that’s where I first found mine.

  2. Anything with Frankenstein is a must purchase. Looking forward to picking these up!

  3. David S. says:

    Those look fantastic! Thanks so much for letting us know about these! I’m now on the hunt! Nice work!

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