Oscar Sunday and a Hooray for the Hollywood candy bar!

It’s Oscar Sunday, and on a night that celebrates the cinema, I’d like to celebrate a few pieces of candy packaging that have a Hollywood connection.

In a way, so much of the vintage candy I talk about is connected to the movies.  After all, how many of our favorite confectionery treats were consumed during matinees in dark theaters?

I can easily recall a few Summer Saturdays where my brother and I would settle in for a Sinbad adventure or later when Star Wars exploded into my young world through the power of the silver screen.  On those days, I’d usually pick a Sprite along with a box of Hot Tamales or Milk Duds to join me for the fun.

My childhood movie theater. Sadly shuttered since the early 1990's.

Though I don’t have any vintage photos from inside my childhood movie theater, Jim French allowed me to share one of his, from a family album.  It features his theater’s snack bar, as his grandmother looks on (she was manager of the theater at the time.)  I think this captures the era so well – look at all of those great old candy boxes!:

"Evelyn French - Dixon Theatre. IL" early 70's - Copyright Jim French Collection - Used with permission.

Candy and the movies just go together – it’s a magic combination.  So it should come as no surprise then, that candy makers have often made overt efforts to solidify their cinematic relationship.

Walter Johnson Candy Co - Movietime candy bar wrapper - 1950's

With a name like Movietime, it’s clear that the Walter Johnson Candy company was hoping to get this one into pictures, or at least into picture houses.

And how about Fenn’s Big Bogie – do you think they wanted to tie into the name of the man who won an Oscar in 1951 for The African Queen?

Fenn's Big Bogie candy wrapper - 1950's - Did Humphrey Bogart approve?

Another wrapper I found in my files might not be connected to the movies at all, though I’m confident the name is a less-obvious riff on the love of celebrity.

Star Candy Co - Your Favorite Star 5-cent candy bar wrapper - 1950's

A far more obvious connection to Oscar night comes out of the candy bars produced by the Hollywood Candy company.   When I first started collecting candy packaging, I wasn’t familiar with the name, but I did know a few of their brands.

Hollywood Candy Company - trade ad from 1969

The Hollywood Candy company was founded in 1912, and through most of the twentieth century, they were one of the largest confectionery companies in the United States.  Producing popular brands such as Zero, Butter-Nut, and PayDay, they also had a namesake bar – Hollywood.

Hollywood candy bar wrapper - 1930's 1940's

Here’s a later Hollywood wrapper featuring a dramatically different design:

Hollywood 5-cent candy bar wrapper - 1950's 1960's

Though they were still producing candy bars as late as the 1980’s, the Hollywood Candy Company isn’t around anymore.  Only a pair of their classic bars still exist, Zero and Payday, and those are now produced and sold by Hershey.

So that’s all for today’s Oscar-inspired entry.

I love the magic of the movies, so I’ll be sitting down tonight to watch the Oscars – I’m also curious to see Billy Crystal back as host.  I think it’s going to be fun.

Finally, one of my favorite vintage Hollywood Candy ads.  It features a memorable trio I call “The Wrangler Girls”:

Hollywood Candy - Wrangler Girls - trade ad from 1968

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7 Responses to Oscar Sunday and a Hooray for the Hollywood candy bar!

  1. Brandon says:

    My Dad and I always enjoyed those Hollywood Butter Nut candy bars. When I was a kid, I remember my Dad getting excited when we’d find a store that sold them. We would buy a few extras to stock up, since they were apparently not easy to get.

  2. vivid memories of the butternut candy bar kimmyoung54@yahoo.com 57 years old says:

    i miss hollywood candy bar kimmyoung54@yahoo.com 57 years old

  3. john says:

    Hollywood bar was my favorite as a kid in the 60s
    To me the zero b
    ar tastes like a hollywood bar,except Zero bar has white chocolate coating..was
    same manufacturer too!

  4. Rochelle Pernell says:

    I love Hollywood candy bars, zero”s, and many others. can I order them?

    • Jason Liebig says:


      Unfortunately, the Hollywood company long ago disbanded after it was purchased by and merged with other companies. A few of the brands remain. Of the original Hollywood Brands, PayDay and Zero bar are still produced today but now by Hershey. You can purchase them in most places where major manufacturer chocolate bars are sold.

  5. J. Rhoan says:

    Anyone know who sang this ad song for Hollywood Candy bars ?

  6. Patricia says:

    I still think of the Hollywood Candy Bar I lived in West Oakland California. When I would get a nickel, I ran to the Conner store and bought me a candy bar . Thought I was in heaven the rest of the day good old days just 5 yrs old 1959. My Lord has been so good to me I’m retired now and leaving a blessed life because of his son Jesus Christ .

    Patricia Joyce Lewis

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