Brach’s-in-Bulk – Bite-Size and By-the-Bag – Old-School.

CC_Brach’s bulk candies salesman display – 1970’s

Brach’s – bulk candy salesman display – 1970’s

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9 Responses to CC_Brach’s bulk candies salesman display – 1970’s

  1. Fifi Fluff says:

    My goodness! This candy selection brings back so many memories for me. I remember being especially fond of the candy (nougats) just below the cinnamon bear… it was a vanilla nougat with chewy chocolate bits… (ooooohhhhhh… so good!) I haven’t had one since I was about 10 or 11. I also have fond memories of the Perkies. I remember they were always included in the candy bags that were passed out to all the children after the Christmas concert at church. I also remember a Perky being stapled to a Christmas card that I received from my Kindergarten teacher. I always liked the red ones best!!

    • Ronna says:

      Those were my absolute favorites (the maple, yummmm!) I have been trying to remember what they were called also. Hoping to find something comparable.

  2. Sachertorte says:

    What are the striped kind in the bottom left corner? I’m trying to find a certain Brach’s candy which was large like an oversized truffle. It looks like a wrapped Amaretti, but inside they were a cream in a thin chocolate. There was an orange one and a maple one, a chocolate one and a raspberry one I believe, much like their Royal caramels.

    • Tom Anderson says:

      I think those God-awful things were called “Bon Boss”. You thought they were going to be a See’s or Russell Stover’s chocolate and they were waxy chocolate around a terrible center. They were awful. And every time you tried one you thought they were not going to be so bad, and they were!

    • Kori Wallace says:

      I LOVED them. We would get them every Christmas from my Grandma in a small paper bag with peanuts in the shell and hard candy. My favorite part of Christmas (OK, I had a lot of homegrown favorites :)! I used to get them at the military commissary but then they stopped selling them. I was sooooo, sooooo sad!

  3. 1970's Sweet Tooth says:

    Seriously Tom?? You just took a dump on my childhood… My whole family loved Brach’s Bon Bons.

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