Mad about Marathon – The bar that lasts a good long time…

CC_Marathon bar wrapper – M&M Mars – 1973-1974

Marathon bar 15-cent wrapper – M&M Mars – 1973-1974

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  1. Hi, I share your passion for the Marathon bar.
    I have been wondering for years what happened too.
    I remember looking for in in the 90’s and something and was frustrated for sure. I was a little girl in the mid 70’s (75-77′) and lived in Astoria, Oregon and would buy the Marathon bar at Newberry’s store I think in downtown Astoria, Oregon where the Goonies was filmed and Short Circuit with number 5 like Wall E. We lived there until 1977 and moved to Portland Oregon (Gresham). My parents soon after divorced in 1978. My dad worked for pacific power and light co and retired from there. I Grew up in Gresham, Oregon. I’m shocked that I did not know that the Marathon bar was gone throughout the 80’s. I’m sure I would have realized it was gone. But I’m sure I was frustrated for not finding it. I would love to get a tee shirt with the logo on it. That would be awesome. I’m gonna have to go to World Market this weekend and go find the Cadburry curly wurly bar. I’m sure it wont be the same though. Thanks for sharing your story down memory lane. I share the same sorrow not having this candy bar anymore. Me and my brother Mike liked this candy bar. I My favorites were M&M’s and This one the Marathon Bar. I also liked the Mars Bar as I got older. I like Baby Ruth and 1000 Grand too of the old ones. The new Almond Snickers is good too. My grandfather would take me to the plaid pantry type minit mart neighborhood store close by and spoil me rotton and buy me candy and toystuff. I remember getting the Zebra stripe gum and stuff. Awww good times. We would watch Lone Ranger reruns and about and Costello movies or Jerry Lewis ect. Thanks again.
    Michelle Basart
    Michael Jackson, Madonn, & Prince collector since 1983/1989

  2. Are there real Marathon Bars in Heaven? God I hope so!

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