Yipes! Stripes!! It’s Sour Bites!!

CC_Beech Nut – Sour Bites – catalog mention – Early 80’s_Fixed

Beech Nut – Sour Bites – catalog mention – Early 80’s

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7 Responses to CC_Beech Nut – Sour Bites – catalog mention – Early 80’s_Fixed

  1. Heavy D says:

    Please GOD bring them back….!! I will buy all of your first production …then get high on my own supply.

  2. David D says:

    Bring them back! Please!

  3. Please for the LOVE OF GOD BRING THEM BACK I WILL BUY BUY BUY AND TURN MY KIDS ANS NOW MY GRANDKIDS ON THEM !! I will buy cases , I don’t understand when there are so many people that would purchase them why a business would not bring back such a popular item !! ✌️☮️

  4. Cathy Levari says:

    Tiger bites was not only my favorite candy but like so many other products from that era, it brings back special memories from my child hood..That I would love to pass on to my grand kids..My father had to travel aloft when we I was a kid, when he returned home he always brought us a pack of Tiger bites..A great memory and there are so many others..I still love fruit strip gum but it’s not the same..Please feel free to contact if you come by any, I would love to purchase some

  5. Jon says:

    It’s fun to see that I’m not the only one who has a special nostalgia for this particular candy. Long before that, Sweetarts were a fave. I remember as a wee one, there was a giant sweetart that was a fun treat I could gnaw on as my teeth slowly dissolved.

    There was a Howard Johnsons (hotel?) in Wheeling, and I would buy Sourbites from the counter of the cafe (or gift shop?). I can remember the foil/paper pouch and the bright shiny letters. Tearing in, there were neat rows of candy tablets with little animal line drawings etched into the flat part. I remember the tart, artificial flavors, not pretending to be fruit, just having it’s own kind of surreal candy tanginess. If I tried them today, I might be disappointed, but for now they must only live on in memory.

    There was an herbal tea I liked that was discontinued, they eventually re-released it, and it wasn’t how I remembered it. Might have been identical, but that’s how memory works, I guess.

    My new jam is Katje’s Rainbow Gummy Candy (sold at some Walgreens). If you like a chewy candy, this gives you that sourbites artificial thing, kind of.

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