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Wax Wowee Whistle – 1974

Glenn Confections Wowee Whistle packaging – and whistle.

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16 Responses to Wax Wowee Whistle – 1974

  1. dixie says:

    where can i find a wax harmonica?

  2. Lydia Jasso says:

    Where can I purchase the wowee wax whistle candy?

  3. Bunny says:

    Can I buy wax whistles? Does anyone know if they ate still made?

  4. Cheryl Daugherty says:

    Been looking for these for years. Would LOVE to buy some. Where? Definitely a nitch to fill here.

  5. BK Thigpen says:

    I’m ready to make a new version, which is improved… edible & healthy. Anyone in Texas want to help?

    • John says:

      new version??is it out?? HaPpY HaLlOwEeN 2018.
      yes i remember these as a kid at the fall pumpkin patch
      store. but cant remember if it was chewing gum
      wax or candy?? both? edible? yummy flavor that i can remember

      • Ann says:

        They called it a chewing gum whistle, it had sugar, paraffin gum base, lecithan and artifical flavor and color. I loved those orange whistles-way better than the red wax lips

    • ken Wiesen says:

      How do you propose to make it?

  6. Would love to see these orange wax whistle or

  7. Sandy borders says:

    Please bring back the wax least for one time

  8. Armando Castillo says:

    Bring them back happy harmonica wax candy

  9. Judy Walker says:

    I would love to know if anyone makes these wax harmonicas anymore. I loved them as a youngster and would love to be able to get some for my grandchildren.

  10. Angela martinez says:

    Me too . I cant beg loud enough.
    Bring back the harmonica candy wax whistle

  11. Kerry says:

    Please bring back the wax harmonica candy

  12. terri lyle says:

    please bring the harmonica whistle back just once would purchase

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