Celebrating World UFO Day – CollectingCandy-style!

Breaker Confections – Sunmark – U.F.O

Breaker Confections – Sunmark – U.F.O. Candy container – 1978

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2 Responses to Breaker Confections – Sunmark – U.F.O

  1. Margaret Mantooth says:

    Oh my gosh! SQUEE! This brings back my childhood. My Grandma worked at a distributor company and she would bring these home. I do not even really remember the candy much. We would have so much fun flying the spacecraft after eating the candy. The little UFO facts on the inside of the lid are probably what sparked my life-long love of UFOS. Brings back memories of good times at Grandparents with siblings and cousins. These were among my favorite toys.

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