My Mid-70’s Halloween Photos – All That Great Candy!

I started my Countdown To Halloween thirty days ago with a personal recollection and a photo from my earliest Halloween.    I’d like to close out my month-long celebration in much the same way – with something fun and personal from my past that ties into the fun of Halloween candy and Halloween candy packaging.   So today I’m going to explore a pair of photos from one of my childhood Halloweens, circa 1975 or 1976.

I wish I had photos from some of the other Halloweens I celebrated as a kid, but at least I have these.

In these photos, you’ll see me in my Ben Cooper Batman costume, and my big brother Jeff  decked out in his Ben Cooper Six-Million Dollar Man getup (That’s my grandmother working the sewing machine in the background and my mother is the one taking the photo).   Here we are:

Jeff and Jason – Halloween 1975 or 1976 – Ben Cooper Six Million Dollar Man and Batman

Jason and Jeff Unmasked! – Halloween 1975 or 1976

This second photo allows me to have a little CollectingCandy fun, because as you can see, we had a card table set up and we were actively sorting out the goodies we had grabbed during our evening of trick-or-treating.  Well, my brother was sorting – I appear to be trying to scrape-and-consume the caramel off of a caramel apple while mixing in a few Brach’s cinnamon imperials for good measure (yummy!).   Here’s a closeup of the booty:

Halloween Candy Picture Closeup – 1975-1976

So, as I look across this image – what do I see?  Well, I see Snickers (Fun-Size) and 3 Musketeers, a Hershey Bar, Milk Duds, Sugar Babies, Reese’s, Double Bubble gum, Dum Dum pops, and Brach’s Candy Corn boxes.  Lots of awesome stuff.

Having identified a number of the items in the photo, I wanted to see what I had in my collection to match it.  Let’s take a look:

Holloway – Milk Duds Juniors – candy box – 1976

Mars – Snickers Fun Size – candy wrapper – late 1970’s

Mars – 3 Musketeers Fun Size – candy bar wrapper – 1977

I searched for the Sugar Babies small box in the photo (which seems to have some white-and-red holiday graphics on the back) but the closest I could find was this standard version:

Nabisco – Sugar Babies – fun size candy box – 1970’s

Mars Milky Way – candy bar wrapper – late 1970’s

Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapper – late 1970’s

Hershey – Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup candy wrapper – single – Oakdale CA – 1970’s

Reese’s Miniatures foil candy wrapper – late 1970’s

Spangler – Dum-Dums – Cherry lollipop candy wrapper – 1970’s 1980’s

Fleer Dubble Bubble and Donruss Super Bubble gum wrappers – 1970’s

And finally, the Brach’s Candy Corn box – one of my fonder confectionery memories of the period:

Brach’s – Candy Corn 1.2 oz candy box – late 1970’s

Those are the pieces I could identify from this nearly 40-year-old snapshot and match up with pieces from my collection.  Identifying candy items from old photos is a pretty fun thing to try to do, and a fun way to put things onto a collector’s want-list.  It’s fun – but it’s not always easy.   Photos are often blurry and of course finding the things later on can prove to be a years’ long quest.

Halloween really is the best holiday for a candy fan or a candy collector – so it’s somewhat bittersweet to find ourselves at the end.  I just can’t believe it’s Halloween already.  It’s been a tremendous amount of fun assembling these 31 posts this month, and I’m glad I could share them all with you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting and checking out my take on a Countdown To Halloween as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.

And that’s everything for today’s post.  I hope everyone out there has a happy and safe Halloween, and that you get lots of yummy candy with cool wrappers!

See you next time!

Boo! — Brach’s Fright Bites foil candy wrappers – 1980’s


Today’s post has been part of’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.


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2 Responses to My Mid-70’s Halloween Photos – All That Great Candy!

  1. Another great post.
    Loved to see your detective work.

    Those old candy wrappers sure bring back memories. I recognized them all but the Brach Candy corn boxes and the Fright Bites.

  2. Tom says:

    And sitting on the table behind grandma, the fashion statement of the day — a Budweiser beer can crocheted hat.

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