Vintage Candy Industry Halloween Trade Ads!

As a candy packaging historian, a resource I’ve found to be invaluable are vintage candy industry trade periodicals.  With names like National Candy Wholesaler and Candy Marketer, these magazines were subscribed to by people who worked inside the candy business and industry.

Because of their target audience, the ads in trade magazines were decidedly different than the ones that targeted the end consumer.  These are ads that most folks outside of the candy industry have rarely seen.

Today, I’ve selected a number of these cool vintage industry trade ads that were focused on Halloween seasonal offerings.  So let’s get to it!

First up are a pair of ads that reflect the male-dominated world of sales in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.   The ticker-tape machine in this first trade ad certainly helps date it:

Beich – Halloween – Trick or Treat Tycoon – candy trade magazine ad double-page – May 1963

Leaf – Halloween Headquarters – Candy Industry Trade ad – July 1970

Leaf – Halloween Favorites – Candy Industry Trade Ad – July 1970

Luden’s – 5th Avenue – Halloween Candy Industry trade ad – July 1970

Tootsie Roll Products Hallowen – Candy Industry Trade ad – April 1974

Ferrara Pan – Junior Packages – Halloween candy industry trade ad – July 1969

Fred W. Amend Co – Chuckles – Candy Industry Halloween Trade ad – July 1970

Nabisco – Candy Industry Halloween Trade ad – June 1972

Holloway – Halloween candy industry trade ad – 1972

Leaf – Halloween Candy Industry trade ad – June 1972

Beech-Nut – Lifesavers – Halloween Candy Industry Trade ad June 1972

Mars – Starburst – Halloween Candy Trade ad – July 1986

Peter Paul – Halloween Treats – trade ad – May 1986

And finally, here’s a fantastic double-page ad for some of Hershey’s Halloween offerings for 1972.  Notice the Halloween-themed display box overwraps.  This was how a lot of Halloween candy was packaged back then.  Rather than doing special individual wrappers, standard bars were simply given a display box overwrap.

Hershey – Halloween Candy Industry Trade Ad – June 1972

And that’s everything I’ve got to share today on Halloween-themed industry trade ads.  I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into how the folks behind the candy used to market to the folks who sold it to us.

See you next time!


Today’s post has been part of’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Really fun assortment of ads. Thanks for sharing these!

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