Return of the Zombie Candy!!

Zombies have been a pop culture staple since the 1960’s, but in the last decade they’ve exploded in popularity.  Just last night I enjoyed the season premiere of the breakout hit series, The Walking Dead.   So, it should come as no surprise that zombies have made their way into the confectionery biz.  Today, I’m going to share a couple zombie-related candies that are out this Halloween season.

Before I get to today’s topic, I should mention that back in April, I wrote up a post on Australia’s Zombie Chews – if you dig zombies check it out.

First up today is a particularly creepy-cool offering from Necco, the SkyBar branded Halloween treat Zombie Food:

Necco – SkyBar Zombie Food – candy bar wrapper – Halloween – October 2012

Zombie Food is a pretty inventive bit of fun.  Each pack contains one of an assortment of “milk chocolate covered brains, feet, and hearts filled with oozy red caramel.”  In the two packs I picked up, I got a brain and heart:

SkyBar Zombie Food examples

Next up is Sour Patch Zombie Kids.  I’ve only found them offered in one format; a large 80-count treat bag:

Sour Patch Zombie Kids – 80-count big candy bag – Halloween October 2012

Here’s what the individual treat-size packs look like:

Kraft – Sour Patch Zombie Kids – 1/2 oz treat-size pack – October 2012

It was great to see the Sour Patch Zombie Kids this season, as three years ago, I passed on a similar product during an October trip up in Canada.  I snapped a picture, but I wish I’d bought these:


The Canadian version was a bit spookier than what we finally got here in the USA.

And that’s everything I’ve got for today on the Return of the Zombie Candy!

The Walking Dead at New York Comic Con 2012 – October 13

Boo!  See you next time!


Today’s post has been part of’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.

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