Nestlé Canada’s 2012 Halloween Lineup!

For Halloween 2012, Nestlé Canada has whipped up cool repackaged versions of four of their biggest brands.  Today I’ll be taking a look at these spooky offerings from up north.

Being a collector here in the United States, it’s not easy to keep track of the limited edition offerings coming out of other countries.  But even when you do find out about them, it can be near-impossible to track down the things.  Fortunately for me, I’ve developed a great network of friends in strategic spots around the globe to assist me.  Such was the case with these groovy Halloween Nestlé offerings.

When I heard about them I sent an e-mail off to illustrator-extraordinaire (and Canadian pal), Glen Mullaly.  Glen set about to candy-hunting and quickly had the pieces acquired.  He packed them up and in just under a week they arrived at my doorstep where I could marvel at their Halloween goodness.

Let’s take a look:

Canada – Nestlé – Coffin Crisp – Coffee Crisp – Halloween candy bar wrapper – October 2012

Canada – Nestlé – ScAero – Aero – Halloween candy bar wrapper – October 2012

Canada – Nestlé – Scaries – Smarties – Halloween candy box – October 2012

Canada – Nestlé – Kit Kat – KitKat – Halloween candy bar wrapper – October 2012

How neat are all of those?

I should note that each of the three wrappers sports an area highlight of reflective foil, which isn’t clear on these scans.  For the KitKat, it’s on the cat’s eyes, on the ScAero it’s the witch’s crystal ball, and on the Coffin Crisp the spider is foil.

I love when companies take their holiday branding to such levels of fun.  Way to go, Nestlé!

And that’s everything for today’s post.  See you next time!

Today’s post has been part of’s Countdown to Halloween.  To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, check out the official Halloween Countdown site.

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7 Responses to Nestlé Canada’s 2012 Halloween Lineup!

  1. Bob says:

    Love Love Love Aero bars! Great fun wrappers!

  2. Clau says:

    I am loving those Kit Kat Halloween editions. 🙂

  3. Helene wells says:

    Where can I get these. I am in ottawa

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  5. Sue says:

    I found them at dollarama.

  6. johanna says:

    Cadbury came out with a Screme Egg for Halloween here in Canada… I wonder if you saw that one in the States?

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