Killing Time In Times Square – CollectingCandy-Style!

I had a full day yesterday, which culminated in an early evening meeting at the West Way diner in Hell’s Kitchen.  I was in midtown a bit early, and found myself with 90 minutes to kill in the Times Square area.  Thinking about CollectingCandy, I decided to see if there were any candy offerings that might be unique to the area that I could pick up.  I turned up a couple.

The first thing I found were a pair of souvenir chocolate bars at the Times Square Toys R Us.  For those that have never visited the location, Toys R Us in Times Square is as much attraction as it is retail establishment.  There’s even a working Ferris wheel inside the store!    Here are the bars I picked up there:

Times Square Toys R Us Souvenir Chocolate bars.

I also stopped at the Wonka store, which is a store-within-a-store on the main level of Toys R Us.   Most of what I saw were the Wonka products I’m already well-aware of, but I saw what I thought were two new flavors/versions of Wonka Kazoozles.

The Strawberry/Watermelon flavor appeared to be brand new, but the Cherry Punch also seemed to be a new “4 Ropes” version:

Times Square Wonka Kazoozles

I didn’t snap any pictures of the Wonka store yesterday, but I did last year, and I thought readers might be interested to see them.

Wonka Store – Wide Shot

Wonka Store – Laffy Taffy

Wonka Store – Mushroom Bulk

Wonka Store – Mushroom Bulk Alternate

Wonka Store Strange Things

Wonka Store Nerds

Wonka Store Checkout Counter

I had time for one other quick stop before my meeting, so I stepped into the strange and exotic world that is the Times Square Hello Kitty Store.   My visit was brief, and I walked out with these packs of gum:

Times Square Hello Kitty Gum

And that’s how I was able to kill 90 minutes in Times Square yesterday, CollectingCandy-style.

See you next time!

[Note:  The Times Square photos at the top of today’s post were not from yesterday – but were snapshots I’ve taken at different points over the last year or so.]


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5 Responses to Killing Time In Times Square – CollectingCandy-Style!

  1. Brandon says:

    Love those Toys R Us bars! I have not seen them here, so must be a NYC exclusive, as the labels would imply.

  2. alainsane says:

    Wow! 30 dollars on Hello Kitty gum? That shows some fierce dedication to candy collecting! 😀

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