Razzles: Revised and Revisited!

One of the things I’ve often stated here on the site is that I love how collecting candy is always providing new discoveries.  In the spirit of that, today’s article is about a pair of recent surprises related to one of my favorite brands — Razzles.

Back on April 2nd, I posted my All About Razzles piece.  When I did, I’d assumed it was as extensive and as thorough as it could be.   But in the few short months since that article went live, I’ve had two major Razzles-related revelations.

The first discovery came from this 1975 Fleer trade ad, which featured a flavor of Razzles I didn’t know they had ever produced.

Fleer – Razzles Sweepstakes – trade ad – January 1975

Of the three packs shown, I’d never seen the Cherry variety before.  It’s pretty great with it’s fun cherry mascots.  And, as with all things like this – it’s now on my hunting list.

Fleer – Razzles Cherry – isolated image from trade ad – 1975

The next discovery came when a gum-collector friend of mine turned up yet another single-flavor Razzles pack that I’d never seen.   This time, it was a Razzles Grape pack from a little earlier — 1973:

Fleer – Razzles Grape pack – Great New – candy gum package – 1973

Seeing that 1973 Grape pack was quite a shock, especially coming so quick on the heels of discovering that 1975 Cherry variety.  With those two significant new additions to share, I knew it was time to post a Razzles update, hence today’s article.

I didn’t expect I’d be coming back to this brand so soon, but where candy history is concerned you never can tell what’s going to pop up.   And so, with some excitement, I can share with you my newly-revised Razzles timeline.  Here it is:

CollectingCandy Razzles revised timeline – July 31st 2012

And that’s all for today.  See you next time!

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2 Responses to Razzles: Revised and Revisited!

  1. JON MANKUTA says:

    GREAT JOB! Thanks for the updated timeline!

  2. Brandon says:

    Very cool! I’d love to find some of those 1975 packs.

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