It’s a Feline-Featured Friday with a Pink Panther Post!

You might be surprised to learn that the Pink Panther has adorned a number of candy packages over the years.   As a licensed character, the Pink Panther is no Mickey Mouse, and yet he manages to get around.  So let me get to sharing the candy packages I’ve tracked down that sport this cool cat.

First up is a wrapper from the UK for Nestle’s Pink Panther bar.  Released in the early 1970’s, the candy itself was some kind of pink-colored confection, which certainly makes sense.  The wrapper is appropriately-colored and includes the Pink Panther-mobile on the back side (gotta love that):

UK – Nestle’s – Pink Panther strawberry flavour pink 2p candy bar wrapper – 1970’s

Next up I have the image that gave me my title graphic today, from Germany is Fleer’s Pink Panther gum:

Germany – Fleer – Pink Panther bubble gum wrapper – 1985

Last up today is an appearance by the Pink Panther on a confectionery classic; Kraft Caramels.  In 1985, you could get a Pink Panther sticker and patch, by purchasing specially-marked packages.  I think this was a Halloween seasonal promotion:

Kraft Caramels bag – Pink Panther Stickers and Patch premium – 1985

Yes, the Pink Panther has made his presence known in the world of candy.

Though it’s not quite on-topic, I wanted to include a pair of non-candy items in today’s post.  I just thought since we’re talking Pink Panther, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his classic cereal from Post, and a product I found during a recent vacation.

For those that might not be old enough to remember them, here are Post’s Pink Panther Flakes:

Pink Panter Flakes- RPX Car – cereal box – 1973

Finally, here is the package for a product I picked up during a UK vacation last November – Pink Panther wafers:

UK – Rivi Foods – Pink Panther wafers – snack cookie package – November 2011

And that’s all I’ve got for this feline-featured Friday post.  See you next time!

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2 Responses to It’s a Feline-Featured Friday with a Pink Panther Post!

  1. Tom says:

    My mother wouldn’t buy Pink Panther Flakes for me, so my Grandma did. I only wanted them for the car that came inside the box, of course. But the cereal wasn’t bad. Strawberry flakes that turned the milk pink.

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