Whoops! I Missed a few Rolos!

Only a few days ago I posted an extensive Rolo Roundup, and somehow while bringing together dozens of foreign and domestic wrappers spread across seven decades, I missed a few.   Trying to keep so many wrappers in so many spots straight isn’t always easy, even for me.  So, please accept my apology and enjoy this look at the Rolos that somehow slipped through the cracks last week.  They’re pretty neat.

I’m going to start with my favorite of those that I missed.  The Rolo Licorice flavored Limited Edition..

I’m not a big fan of licorice, but anytime I come across such an oddball flavor attempt, I like to highlight it.  This limited run Rolo flavor comes from South Africa, and I don’t know if it was ever attempted anywhere else.  It harkens to the German Rolo Mint:

South Africa - Nestle - Rolo - Limited Edition LIquorice Toffee - chocolate candy wrapper - 2000

Now here’s a more standard South African Rolo from this same period:

South Africa - Nestle - Rolo - chocolate candy wrapper - 2000

The last two of my “missed” Rolo wrappers are both from the UK, and are late 90’s examples.

UK - Nestle - Rolo - 1 sweet free - chocolate candy wrapper - 1997

UK - Nestle - Rolo - My Last One - chocolate candy wrapper - 2000

And that’s it for the ones I missed… this time.    When putting these histories together I’m inevitably going to be missing bits and pieces (and sometimes large chunks) of the history I’m covering – but I hope that I’ll be able to keep better track of the parts I actually have here.

Sorry for the flub!

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