Topps’ Fruit Fizz and Cola Fizz – A new candy discovery from the late 70’s.

It’s not often that I discover images of something produced by Topps in the mid-to-late-70’s that I’d never seen before.   After doing years of resarch and collecting, I’d assumed I’d at least come across photos of every one of their produced confections.  But a few weeks ago, I came upon images of a pair of products I’d never seen before:  Topps Cola Fizz and Fruit Fizz.

I discovered these while going through an old sales binder filled with all sorts of salesman brochures and flyers – mostly tobacco-related.  But, before the modern era of retail, candy and tobacco were distributed and stocked hand-in-hand by the same folks.

What I found was a one-page Topps sell-sheet, showcasing the product.  Somehow, I’d never come across this sheet before, nor have I ever seen any mention of these products.

A part of me speculates that perhaps they were cancelled before they were actually released.  Maybe.  But it’s just as likely that they were made for a short time, didn’t sell well, and than were dropped.  So these could easily be another one of the many bits of candy history that are largely lost to time.  It’s likely that, at this point, even Topps themselves have no record of this product.

Here’s the full sell-sheet:

Topps - Cola Fizz & Fruit Fizz candy sales sheet - mid-1970's

An interesting find of a product that was all-but-forgotten – though forgotten no more.  If anyone remembers these, please let us know.

And that’s everything for today.  I’ll likely be back late tomorrow night with another short piece, and a prelude to a larger piece on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s going to be fun!

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