Brachs Rocks! – It’s Rocky D. in ’93!

Rock candy has always been a fun concept, though the crystallized-sugar-on-a-string style is not the only kind out there.  I think I first saw jelly bean-like confections designed to look like rocks, all the way back in the 1970’s, during a family vacation.

In 1993, Brach’s introduced a retail version of this genre of candy with Brach’s Rocks, featuring a fun Dinosaur mascot named Rocky D.

I don’t think I ever sampled these during the years they were on sale, so I’ve had to learn about them through photos.  Brach’s Rocks had a great, rocky look to them, and if they were still around, I would definitely want to try them out.  Here’s an image of the candy clipped from a trade ad:

Brach's Rocks - the candy itself

As a kid, how cool would it be to pretend to eat rocks?  Maybe that doesn’t make sense to everyone, but I think it sounds awesome.

Based on what I’ve been able to dig up, it appears that Brach’s Rocks first hit store shelves in late 1992 or early 1993.  They were sold in standard retail plastic packages, as well as larger peg-packages.  Here are a pair of trade ads related to both forms of packaging.

Brachs Rocks trade clipping - 1993

Brach's Rocks trade clipping - September 1993

Thanks to my recent acquisition of the L.M. Kallok collection, I have an actual Brach’s Rocks package to share.  It’s the standard version, the kind which you might have found in the checkout aisle of a grocery or convenience store.

Brach's Rocks - NEW - chewy fruity candies - candy package - 1993

I have to say, I really dig the packaging for Brach’s Rocks – fun colors, groovy logo, and a great mascot – to my eye, it’s got it all.

One final Brach’s Rocks piece I have to show is a full-page trade ad.  I strive to find and share only the best pieces of references, but unfortunately this one isn’t a scan.  This is a photo I took with my phone, while doing candy-related research at my library.   Pouring over old candy trade periodicals a year or two ago, I snapped this photo – thinking it would be handy some day.  The quality may not be that great, but I still wanted to include it.

Brach's Rocks - trade ad photo - July-August 1993

That’s all for the early 90’s treat, Brach’s Rocks.  Hope to see you back here tomorrow for more fun from

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4 Responses to Brachs Rocks! – It’s Rocky D. in ’93!

  1. Brandy says:

    So, I found your blog via I’m Remembering!’s Facebook page, and I’m glad that I did. 🙂

    I remember this candy! I remember my grandmother buying it for me from a drugstore that is no longer around. it was a 3-for-something special – I wish I could remember the price – but I remember the candy, and I’d like to share the description with you.

    The coating was smooth and shiny, and the colors were convincing – like itty-bitty river rocks. It wasn’t hard, either – I’m trying to think of what I can compare it to – it was kind of like biting into a jelly bean – there was the initial coating, and then the jelly center. The jelly wasn’t runny or overly soft – it was more like a jelly bean or a fruit slice. The flavor was pretty good, as far as fruit-flavored candies go.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for this blog! I hope you consider creating a Facebook for it – I would definitely follow! I’m a nostalgia nerd.

    (One of my favorite candies? The Necco Slap Stix caramel pops. Fond memories!)

  2. Francis says:

    Man oh man as a kid I was all about these especially the grape

  3. Nick says:



    Only by extension–I’d seen ads in old Disney Adventures issues from garage sales.

    Golly, but these must have died a quick death.

  4. Ayo says:

    Why they stopped making these I will never understand. I grew up in Manila and I managed to find a way to find these Brach’s Rocks, guess where, in hospitals. Thee best childhood candy hands down

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