Wacky Wednesdays – Paydough

For today’s edition of Wacky Wednesdays we’re going to delve back to 1974 and the original Wacky Packages series 12 for the parody of Hollywood’s Payday candy bar, Paydough.

Paydough is one of the more plain Wacky Packages stickers, in that it has no crazy character incorporated into the sticker or the parody.  Being a parody of a well-known candy bar though, I can’t help but find it appealing nonetheless:

Wacky Packages - Paydough - Series 12 - 1974

I have three 1970’s Payday wrappers in my collection which are all quite similar, and similar in design to this Wacky.  After some comparison and study, I’ve determined that this version is the one most likely used as the basis for the original Paydough sticker:

Hollywood Brands - Payday Salted Nut Roll candy bar wrapper 1 1-2 oz - 1970's

This is not an exact science.  I question the fact that the “Hollywood” style typeface is not duplicated on the parody’s “Rich Tasting” text, but that could have been a function of artist’s choice.  Similarly, there is no equivalent on the original wrapper for where the text reads “World’s Most Expensive Candy”, but again, that could have been an addition to strengthen the gag.   If I ever come across a Payday wrapper that does sport text in that area, I’ll know I was wrong here today.   For now, I think I’ve nailed this one pretty well.

And that’s all for today’s short-but-sweet edition of Wacky Wednesdays.  We will certainly be back next week for another edition.  So don’t miss it.

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