Phoenix Candy Company’s Candy-and-a-Toy – Flash Gordon

The Phoenix Candy Company is best known for their product Now & Later, but during the 1960’s and 1970’s, Phoenix also sold quite a few series of Candy-and-a-Toy boxed candy.  Today I’ll be covering their 1978 release, based on the King Features property Flash Gordon.

Phoenix Candy - Flash Gordon candy & toy - Now & Later t-shirt offer - sales sheet - 1970's

The above image is part of a one-sheet sales flyer for the Flash Gordon release that would have been distributed to retailers for ordering, or for advertising.  It’s great in that it shows a full display box, as well as a burst-out revealing the mail-away for this line – a Now & Later t-shirt.

It might be difficult to imagine now, but these toys in candy boxes were not uncommon when I was growing up in the 1970’s.  The toys were never a big deal, comparable to the small plastic Cracker Jack toys of the time, but still… as a kid, this was value!

I don’t know if Phoenix was always in the Candy-and-a-Toy business but these types of offers go back to the 1960’s and earlier.  They could easily be a collecting category unto themselves.

I have a pair of these Phoenix Company Flash Gordon boxes in my collection.

Phoenix Candy Co - Flash Gordon candy & 2 prizes - No 3 Zarkov and Flash candy box - 1978

Phoenix Candy Co - Flash Gordon candy & 2 prizes - No 7 Count Malo candy box - 1978

Phoenix licensed a number of properties for their “Candy-and-a-Toy” series, and they must have been successful, as is evidenced by the multitude releases over the years.  I recall Fat Albert, Welcome Back Kotter, Planet of the Apes, and more.  Sadly I don’t have images for those others to share today.

I suspect that, given time and a lot of hunting, I could write an expansive look back on just this part of Phoenix Candy history.  For now, I shall use what I have in my collection.

Here are two other Phoenix Candy-and-a-Toy series boxes I have.  As you can see, cartoons and comics were the go-to for the kind of property they attached to these.  But prime time television was also included.  Now that I think about it, I believe they did a Happy Days series of these.

Phoenix Candy - Popeye - Candy & 2 Prizes - candy box - 1970's

Phoenix Candy - Archie - Candy & 2 Prizes - candy box - 1972

That’s all for this glimpse at a fun throwback genre of candy packaging – the Candy-and-a-Toy, from Phoenix Candy Company.  I hope you enjoyed it, and if you recall any of the other lines released over the years, drop a line and share.

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5 Responses to Phoenix Candy Company’s Candy-and-a-Toy – Flash Gordon

  1. Brandon says:

    As a kid, I remember getting Fat Albert candy boxes similar to these. I think they were made by Phoenix, too.

  2. Steve says:

    I have 4 of strictly fun candy & toy baseball series boxes from the Phoenix Candy Co. in Brooklyn NY. I think they were 5c in the early 60’s. What’s interesting is on the bottom flap it says PRIVILEGE TO EXAMINE BEFORE PURCHASE .

  3. Greta Johnson says:

    I would love to purchase the chocolate, vanilla and caramel now & later
    Use to be my favorite candy back in 1976-1978. Is there anyway these flavors can be purchased?

  4. Deatron shiver says:

    I’m looking for the old now later flavors like vanilla, chocolate, do they make thoes flavors anymore I would love to find them

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