It’s an Earth-Shaking Sunday with Swell’s Earth Shaker Bubble Gum.

Couldn’t decide what to talk about today, so I put my hand in the grab-bag and came out with a rather unusual piece from Philadelphia Chewing Gum’s Swell subsidiary – Earth Shaker bubble gum.

Earth Shaker promo from back of other display box - 1980's

My favorite aspect of Earth Shaker is the very thing that makes it a bit tough to cover as a candy collector – its packaging is as unusual as it is commonplace.  Earth Shaker gum, you see, was simply a smaller Chiclets-style gum, packaged and sold in a plastic capsule – the exact kind you’d find in a 25-cent vending machine.   I have one Earth Shaker sealed example in my collection – this likely dates to the middle 1980’s:

Philadelphia Chewing Gum - Earth Shaker bubble gum full container - 1980's

So if you’re looking for fun graphics, Earth Shaker is not going to provide them – at least not the individual containers.  The display boxes these were sold from did contain graphics and a colorful logo.  I don’t have any of those, but I did dig up a pair of interesting images from the late 1970’s.   This image shows us a standard display box from 1977:

Swell's Earth Shaker display box image - 1977

And here is a trade clipping that showcases a holiday edition of Earth Shaker, also from 1977:

October 1977 Christmas Earth Shaker trade clipping

My research suggests that Earth Shaker was introduced in 1976, and lasted until the late 1980’s.  I have not found evidence that it was sold in the 1990’s.

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2 Responses to It’s an Earth-Shaking Sunday with Swell’s Earth Shaker Bubble Gum.

  1. Tom says:

    Speaking of candy containers, I hope to see a future post on the variety of sweet tart candy containers from the late ’70’s and early ’80’s that were a staple of my dime story runs. I recall coffins, trash cans and fireplugs, each containing theme-shaped sweet tarts.

  2. jasonliebig says:


    I wil cover those eventually. It’s a big topic. Technically they don’t hold Sweettarts. They just hold hard candy. -Jason

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