New for Halloween 2016: M&M’s Target-Exclusive White BOO-terscotch!!


Though M&M’s have given us a number of special edition Autumn flavors over the years, the last time we got a legitimately Halloween-themed flavor was with the introduction of Candy Corn-flavored M&M’s.  This year that changed with M&M’s White BOO-terscotch.  Make the jump to check them out!

I first heard about these Target-exclusive Halloween-themed butterscotch-flavored M&M’s some months ago, and I was immediately intrigued and looked forward to trying them as I’m a big butterscotch fan.

As the months rolled on into August, I would soon hear rumors that even though these were to be a Target exclusive, the M&M’s store in Times Square had received early preview shipments of them.  So with the determination to get these as early as possible, I made the trek through throngs of midtown-Manhattan tourists to find out if it was true.  Sadly, it was not.

But finally a couple of weeks later, at the end of August, I stopped into my local Target and discovered them in an Autumn-themed display at the end of a frozen foods isle.

Fall and Halloween M&M's Target Display - August 28th 2016

Fall and Halloween M&M’s Target Display – August 28th 2016

Although it would be weeks before Target would bring out their full Halloween section, I’d finally scored one of their more exciting exclusive offerings, and they did not disappoint.

Mars - M&M's White Boo-terscotch - Target exclusive butterscotch Halloween flavor - 8oz candy package - September 2016

Mars – M&M’s White BOO-terscotch – Target exclusive butterscotch Halloween flavor – 8oz candy package – September 2016

As a fan of many of the white chocolate-based M&M’s flavors that have been released in recent years as well as a big fan of butterscotch-flavored candy in general, these were (and are) an instant hit for my taste buds.  Beyond that, the package graphics invoke a kind of cool retro horror film movie poster style, making it a stand-out offering for this year’s Halloween candy packaging.  So for me, White BOO-terscotch M&M’s are a big win and one that hints that the sky is the limit for future exotic M&M’s special edition flavors.

And that’s everything I’ve got on the new 2016 Target-exclusive Halloween White BOO-terscotch M&M’s.  See you next time!


Target Fright Done Right  - Halloween M&M's BOO-terscotch display - October 4th

Target Fright Done Right – Halloween M&M’s BOO-terscotch display – October 4th


Today’s post has been part of’s 2016 Countdown to Halloween. To check out other sites celebrating Halloween all month long, visit the official CountdownToHalloween site.  For more of’s CountdownToHalloween posts, just click here.


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  1. Brandon says:

    That is a fun scene on the bag, and an intriguing flavor. I wish they would make them in regular sized bags, too. I prefer collecting the smaller ones. I’ll have to try them anyway.

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