Hot Week: Cinnamon Teddy Bears!

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For today’s Hot Cinnamon Week post, I wanted to cover a childhood favorite of mine: Stark’s Cinnamon Teddy Bears!

Sold by the Howard Stark candy company in the 70’s and 80’s (and maybe into the 90’s), Teddy Bears were a small hot-cinnamon flavored gummy-type bear.

The odd thing is that when I was enjoying these as a kid, I’d never heard of gummy bears.  So the first time I encountered any kind of gummy bear, I saw them as rainbow-colored Cinnamon Teddy Bears.

I have two different Stark Teddy Bear packages in my collection.  One dates back to the mid-1970’s, and the other is from a few years later.  Here they are:

Stark - Cinnamon Teddy Bears candy box - 1970's

Stark – Cinnamon Teddy Bears candy box – 1970’s

Stark Candies - Teddy Bears - 1 3-4 oz cinnamon candy package - late 1970's

Stark Candies – Teddy Bears – 1 3/4 oz cinnamon candy package – late 1970’s

Beyond Stark’s Cinnamon Teddy Bears, I also have clear memories of Brach’s Cinnamon Bears, which were like a giant-sized version of Stark’s gummy-sized offerings.  Here’s an example that is in a vintage Brach’s salesman display that is part of my collection:

Brach's Cinnamon Bear from salesman display - 1970's

Brach’s Cinnamon Bear from salesman display – 1970’s

Though I don’t recall any other major cinnamon bear candy offerings from my childhood, in my research I’ve found that Heide produced a pretty cool one in the 1970’s:

Heide - Bears - 1 3/4 oz cinnamon candies box - 1978

Heide – Bears – 1 3/4 oz cinnamon candies box – 1978

That one is pretty cool, isn’t it?  Based on the box design, I’d speculate that Heide might have produced other flavors of Bears candies, but I can’t be sure.

As time went on, cinnamon bear candies lost favor in the standard candy isle assortments, but continued to be offered in bulk and store-brand packages.  I’ve got a pair of these to show as well:

K-Mart - Sathers - Cinnamon Bears - 9 oz candy package - 1980's

K-Mart – Sathers – Cinnamon Bears – 9 oz candy package – 1980’s

Sathers - Cinnamon Bears - 9 oz candy package - 1988

Sathers – Cinnamon Bears – 9 oz candy package – 1988

These days, it’s not easy to find hot cinnamon bears at retail.   But they are still out there as I found at least one company that still advertises them as part of their product line.

While they might be considered a bit old-fashioned or old school these days, Hot Cinnamon Bears will always be a childhood favorite I look back on with tremendous fondness.

And that’s all for today’s entry in our Hot Cinnamon Week.

See you next time!



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3 Responses to Hot Week: Cinnamon Teddy Bears!

  1. James says:

    Sathers’ is still putting out their Cinnamon Bears and they are the only ones that I remember seeing around here. The local Alco (Duckwall) store carries them along with the company’s Cinnamon Discs.

  2. Lyn Whitesell says:

    Are these smaller cinnamon bear candies no long made? I prefer the little one vs. the Sather’s larger size, but I can’t seem to locate them anywhere.

  3. Mark Anderson says:

    As a candy wholesaler in eastern Montana I sold tons of stark teddy bears.

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