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Wacky Wednesdays – Dots n’ Shots edition.

Happy Leap Day, everyone!  February 29th – a perfect day to launch Wacky Wednesdays. Long before I started collecting candy, I was collecting and sticking Wacky Packages.  But my love of both originated at the same time; during my early … Continue reading

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Nude M&M’s?!? – A pair of my favorite Australian candy packages.

I’ve been seeing a new commercial for M&M’s here in the United States that I’ve gotten quite a kick out of.  It features a new M&M’s character at a party; Ms. Brown, voiced by Vanessa Williams. Because her candy coating … Continue reading

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Bub’s Daddy – A 70’s stick of bubble gum goodness.

If you weren’t around in the 1970’s, you might think that Bub’s Daddy is a strange name for bubble gum.  If you were around then, you’ll likely recognize it as a colorful mainstay from the candy shelves of memory. Produced … Continue reading

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Oscar Sunday and a Hooray for the Hollywood candy bar!

It’s Oscar Sunday, and on a night that celebrates the cinema, I’d like to celebrate a few pieces of candy packaging that have a Hollywood connection. In a way, so much of the vintage candy I talk about is connected … Continue reading

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Tart ‘n Tinys – Because Paul Rudd demanded it.

Cards on the table – Paul Rudd didn’t actually demand this piece on Tart ‘n Tinys, at least not consciously.  Subconsciously on the other hand…

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Paul Rudd talking vintage candy with Jon Stewart today!

I was already a Paul Rudd fan, so it was especially cool to see him bringing up some favorites on today’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart:  Tart n Tinys, Bottle Caps, Choco’lite and Marathon bars. Not sure if the … Continue reading

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Oddball Spinoffs – Bit-O-Honey Edition

These days, seeing special limited edition flavors of candy is a typical occurrence.  Just last night I came across Easter-themed packages of M&M’s Coconut and I’ve still got a bag of Candy Corn M&M’s in my fridge. Companies have been … Continue reading

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From the time-machine – Reed’s candy boxes from the 1970’s.

When I posted about those 30-year-old unopened candy bars last week, I said that finding old candy wasn’t easy so you have to look for it wherever you can. Today’s post will illustrate that while vintage candy is exceedingly difficult … Continue reading

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Cellophane Struggles – Challenges of the See-Thru Stuff

Cellophane – as a candy fan, it’s easy to love.  As a candy packaging collector – it presents  some challenges you have probably never considered. Cellophane was first conceived by Swiss chemist, Jacques E. Brandenberger in France in 1900, and … Continue reading

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Choco’Lite – with crispy chips, not just bubbles.

When discussing discontinued chocolate bars or candy, especially ones that are fondly remembered or missed, the talk soon moves to the question: “Is there anything like this that I can still buy?” Such is the case with Nestle’s Choco’Lite bar.

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